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Posted by yiny0730 | Jan 08, 2012 @ 10:19 PM | 9,143 Views
Keep writting and uploading.

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0)Working principle of the UAV autopilot-take YS09 as an example:

1)YS09 UAV Autopilot Specs.pdf :


3)Brief English Manual(draft1):

4)Ground test and failure solving-draft1:

5)GCS using Google Earth plugin:

Part1:Working Principle(1)- Servo Control
Diagram1:PWM Signal and Servo COntrol

1)PWM signal is at low signal level usually,but it will change to high signal level every 2ms time,and lasts for 1~2 ms,that is ,the pause width is 1~2 ms.
2)The arm of the servo will turn to a certain angle according to the pause width of the PWM signal recieved by the servo.
3)1ms<->+45(Max angle turning CCW),2ms<->-45(Max angle turning CW).
4)The control surface will turn to a certain angle dragged by the servo arm through the rod.
5)+45<->+20(Max angle of the control surface turning CCW),-45<->-20(Max angle
Of the control surface turing CW).
6)1.5ms<->0 of servo arm turning angle<->neutral point of the control surface.
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Posted by yiny0730 | Jan 03, 2012 @ 11:12 PM | 3,735 Views
Under eidtion.