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Posted by squishy654 | Jun 15, 2014 @ 11:35 PM | 3,969 Views
The Drone Revolution


What is a Drone?

Evolution of the Drone hobby

Types of Drones

Why The Fear?

Why are Drones so Important to our future?

The Threat

The Need for Education!

What Now?


Change is inevitable. From the industrial revolution to the invention of the internet, these changes are coming faster and having greater impact than ever before. We hardly have time to focus before another change comes along to change everything again. We are unable to stop and form a clear enough picture of life as we know it today, let alone prepare ourselves for the new evolutionary routes our technology is already plotting for us. This is the landscape where my story begins. The story of how a hobby is morphing into a new industry.

Due to the ferocious change in this technology, the public has yet to realize the impact this new industry will have on our world. The innovations coming could be so revolutionary that they could change the world in the same way the internet did, or air travel or even interchangeable parts.

This hobby started out as model airplane flying. The hobbyist would control small planes with 2 or more wires attached to the plane with a handle at the other end. The only option available was moving the plane up or down while the plane flew in a circle around the hobbyist. The invention of radio control was quickly applied to free flight models in 1937 and small gasoline engines were being used before that.

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Posted by squishy654 | Apr 10, 2014 @ 04:23 PM | 3,554 Views
Runcam Skycam Review (5 min 10 sec)

I finally got around to fully testing the Skycam from Runcam. This camera was sent to me for free for testing and review, thank you Runcam for the opportunity. I want to be honest and provide the community with the best reviews I can. In order to do this I must be thorough, raw and honest.

Conclusion: This camera is worthless for FPV in beta form; I hope they have figured out these obvious problems by the time you read this. I 1st noticed lag or latency while flying, this hurts picture performance when any movement (which FPV is) was present. The second issue was with OSD's and I correlated this issue with a buddy who also experienced the same problem. The OSD is dim and blinking, even when bench testing. But the real show stopping problem was the fact that all the DVR footage I reviewed was completely unusable. On the same buddies Sandisk v-mate DVR, we failed to even get complete video files. The DVR produced 0kb files that were completely corrupt. The HobbyKing DVR produced better results but they were still unusable as you can see from my footage.

I did not continue testing after this happened, I could have sought out video from other DVR's, but two was enough to point out a serious flaw in this camera. For whatever reason, I am able to record perfect video on my DVR and in the same take; I am able turn on a PZO420 and get perfect recorded video. It is an interesting and perplexing issue and I hope Rumcam can get it...Continue Reading