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Posted by JLT_GTI | Mar 22, 2012 @ 07:39 PM | 10,080 Views
Well.. this is it.. after 2 years of thinking , planing and mental works its time to finally begin the FPV project wich i considerate the ultimate goal in RC flying

After considering several planes (HK FPV plane, Bixler , SkyWalker.. ) i finally decided to once again use my very first RC plane , the good old Modelhob Escuela..

Several reasons came to this.. first i allready have one flying (toght i had installed the motor in the front and now i had to move it to a pod over the wings) , second its 3 chanel with motor ..wich means i have a plus spare chanel that i can use to control the camera pan easier, third it uses Clark-Y airfoil and its 2m wide.. wich means it can carry quite a payload and while not great for speed it still has a lot of glide and floating even in slow conditions and finally it has polidihedral since it only uses the rudder to steer so its quite self-stabilizing..

Many spaniard guys are using Escuelas as FPV ships all arround the country with many even refurbishing old worn out ones for it.. and all of them report happy so i guess its better for starting than some choices i had..

Ironically i had converted this bird from pure glider to motorglider last summer and mounted the motor in the nose and now i wanted the nose free (camera) and also as much internal space as possible...so i had to move it to a scratch built plywood pod over the wings.. also swaped the motor for one way more powerfull and moved the standard servos in the front...Continue Reading