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Posted by JLT_GTI | Nov 15, 2011 @ 02:07 PM | 10,671 Views
My latest adition to the fleet its this HawkSky wich after doing some trials and "corrections" was finally upgraded and moded to HawkFighter (a HawkSky variant developed and sold by KillerPlanes site)

Actually is not actually quite the same as the HawkFighter .. the Hawkfighter apart from the mods i did its quite reinforced to make it practically crash proof.. i havent yet reinforced any area.

The mod is simple.. chop the wings at arround 17cms from the edge wich lefts the winspan at 104cm from the original 140 .. added a couple of wintip fins or winglets flat and downward wich are suposed to help the airflow in the wing edge and make the plane to be more stall resistant in low speeds..

Havent tried the plane without the fins so cant tell if they are working or not.. but the plane really is quite stable in slow aproaches and passes and it has to be practically stoped to tipstall and so far i havent got any tipstalls yet so i guess something is working there..

This mod changed the plane so much that its hard to believe it, specially when you hold the 17cm choped wingtips in your hand wich seem so small that you cant believe removing them makes the plane so different..

The plane now is awesomly aerobatic... the standard didnt wanted to roll at all .. rolls were hideously slow and nasty (it wanted to go in a diferent direction during the roll, even with aileron differential dialed) and that was with the wingtips flat (cortesy of the previous...Continue Reading