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Posted by JLT_GTI | Aug 23, 2011 @ 07:22 PM | 10,868 Views
My good old (can you call old a 15 month plane?) Clouds Fly (aka AXN Floater) has had a lucky life so far.. it has had it share of crashes but really so far nothing too serious (i have seen pics of AXNs splited in half, broken wings, motor mount separated, nose broken off or totally smashed/splited, burned to a crisp.. you name it).. it has hit a tree (twice) it has smashed head-on on the ground after a loop dive, it has smashed into the side of a small hill landing..

Last week some weird low altitude mistake/glitch ended in a pretty mucho nose down smash against the ground.. still nothing to much serious but the nose was really bent this time.. i have had the CloudsFly nose repaired several times but the nose has been a bit "compressed" for a lot of its life actually ..

Not anymore.. i made my mind and decided to try on the AXN the famous "Elapor soup" wich consists in basically boil a big pot of water (as big to at least get the affected part in) and just when its about to boil (or if its boiling switch off the kitchen and let it get below boiling) and sumerge the affected part for some minutes..

And it works.. actually it worked so well that the nose recovered the shape of the original nose lost more than one year ago.. only "minus" its the EPO/EPP "bubbles" expanding but that can be mostly diminished using a spoon to "smooth" the surface "bruishing" it before the EPO colds down..

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