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Posted by JLT_GTI | Jul 19, 2011 @ 11:38 AM | 13,553 Views

Well .. yesterday i got the landing gear and finished the conversion..

Now my Blade120SR its a Bell 412 Huey ... it even flies nice and all.. only drawback is it needs 60% power to hover rather than 40% as it needed before conversion.. (also its using now a bigger 850mAh battery rather than the previous 500 ones).. While this will make it more stable (more head speed) it will possible put more load on the electronics.. so i added 2 heatsinks to the motor (wich weight 10g between the 2...dont know if the sollution is worst than the problem)

total weight now is 140g.. it was 110g before conversion..

One advantage of this mod is that returning to stock configuration should be easy (unscrew landing gear, unscrew front fuselage support, extract main chasis, refit the tail boom , fit stock landing gear and fuselage and thats it, probably done in 15m)