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Posted by JLT_GTI | Jun 25, 2011 @ 09:53 PM | 10,075 Views

Stupid of me i didnt showed that i added two yellow stripes in the bottom of the wings to distinguish when its upside down or straight.... since i was not clever enought to think about that when i applied a symetric decoration (and trust me... this thing looks the same from far away)
Posted by JLT_GTI | Jun 07, 2011 @ 06:30 AM | 8,666 Views
Well.. proyect is flying.. i would say complete but since i probably will change the motor covering and its using the spare motor i dont think its over..

Escuela de ModelHOB electrico volando ladera en la Campa Torres (10 min 41 sec)

Plane has a really marqued tendency to climb nose up when applying power.. cured by programing a mix so it gives elevator down when giving power...
Finally weight was maintained from the original, maybe 30g were gained...

It seems to be somehow nose heavy.. but so far it flies nice.. the video was recorded since i tought about adding the camera to the tail to see if that improved flight.. it flew as well.. maybe better... i think it can loss between 15 and 30g from the nose... or gain them on the tail.. the camera was 16g and it balanced it pretty well midway in the tail boom..

Also , probably its me, but it gave me the impression that it flew better than before in the past , even when just soaring with no power (as in the video where it only uses power to get out to the slope)
Posted by JLT_GTI | Jun 03, 2011 @ 10:20 AM | 8,225 Views
So i have this lovely good old 2 chanel glider sitting arround for more than a year by now:

its an Escuela from Modelhob (Spanish plane manufacturer) an almost 40 years old design quite popular arround as a first slope soarer.. its 2m wide and 2chan only, it weights arround 1200g , and has a Clark-Y airfoil, is meant to float and fly slow , and it does float nice arround...
Defects are , its quite slow with that profile, and it really doesnt like strong winds.. from 35km/h its grounded since at 25-30 its allready flying backwards, and adding weight is not much advisable since it has a nasty tendendy to break off the wings in strong lift/winds conditions..so its limited to 10-30km/h winds, under will not soar and over it will go backwards or risk structural damage.. Also being 2ch it has poor control in final aproach if you get caught in rotors or gusts

Since i allready got a slope soarer more fun , strong and better flying for windy days (Ninja) and other more fun and better flying for low-no wind days (CloudsFly) she was pretty much obsolete and not much usefull anymore.. so why not give her some use.. so i decide to power her up ..so it will be a 2m wide big plane for those no-wind days in the slope... a nice more classy alternative to the foamie CloudsFly (since the Escuela its an all wood old school plane)

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