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Posted by Fish99 | Jul 10, 2011 @ 10:12 PM | 6,536 Views
Well, been thinking to get into more acrobatic aircraft for a while and looking at the 300. Heard and read all about the "issues" with the wing and "flipping" the wing, etc. From all I saw and read it seemed to me to be more an issue with improper (tail heavy) set up and flying than the plane, so I took the chance.

Bought the Extra 300 today. Set it up with MAX throws and holes, then set up dual rates so the LOW was as per the manual, HIGH just maxed out. Expo as per the manual on both.

VERY windy here (25-35 km per hour) but I HAD to maiden it. I was SERIOUSLY impressed. It handled the wind like it was NOTHING! AMAZING aircraft. After 2 clicks UP trim it was rock solid. First battery I had it looping, rolling, snap rolling, doing Cuban 8s, rolling up lines, mild harriers, hammer heads, inverted circuits, etc. It has TONS of power and speed, but also slows down VERY well.

Did some stall testing at height and was VERY happy with the stall characteristics. Slow it down level and the nose drops into a stall very predictably and is recovered from by simply adding power, get some speed and then pull out. If you have any altitude it's dead easy. The stall is also at a VERY slow speed, and you can see it coming so it should not surprise you.

Our club has ONLY grass, and it was a bit LONG today. That said, taxi, take off and landing WITH the stock wheels and wheel pants was not an issue.

Landings were actually VERY simple, and...Continue Reading