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Posted by Fish99 | Mar 26, 2011 @ 01:01 AM | 8,164 Views

I have NO IDEA why it has taken me this long to do up this video. My wife picked up the Parkzone P-51D Gunfighter, brushless foamy, for me back in August of 2010. I flew the heck out of it all summer / fall and even a few times this winter and love this plane. It handles wind MUCH better than any other plane I have. It is rock steady in flight, going exactly where you point it, and pretty much flys inverted as good as it does normal!

I have done up a couple videos for it, and posted to Youtube, but never did put in a blog entry. Well tonight I edited up the Unbox / Build video, and going to do up the CRASH video next. I will also post links to all of my FLIGHT videos in the COMMENTS section, as there are a couple.

NOTE: CRASH VIDEO is now editted and uploaded, see comments for the link.

This is a great plane, and VERY cheap. The only mods I have done to it are the rudder mod, right out of the box, and early winter I dropped in the Trojan prop and a 30 A ESC to get a bit more speed. It is a beauty.


Parkzone Mustang Build (8 min 10 sec)

Posted by Fish99 | Mar 20, 2011 @ 02:10 AM | 7,312 Views
Well, I was at the LHS with a buddy and we both picked up new helis today. He got a Blade mSR as he has graduated from the MCX. I decided to take the plunge into Collective Pitch helis after a lot of looking around the net and got the latest offering from Blade, the mCPX. It's slightly larger than the mSR, smaller than the 120 SR, and fully 3d capable!

It is flybarless and a technological miracle in a box, really! This thing is an absolute HOOT to fly. A lot more challenging and fun than the mSR, as while it is QUITE stable in hover, it does not have the CPU self leveling features of the mSR, so if you get out of level you have to react yourself or it just keeps going where you are pointed, at what ever orientation you are in, and it does it QUICKLY!

That said, it's a blast to fly. I had it out for a couple flights on the street today in a pretty good wind. (Grounded my Mossie and other UM aircraft.) It handles the wind like it's not even there. Very impressive.

Still haven't had the guts to try any 3d with it, though I have been flying about in stunt mode on low rates and like how it handles.

I have the model on Clearview so have been spending time this evening on the sim. Amazingly good re-creation to be honest.

This is going to be a FUN bird and I can see loosing a lot of time to this one. Stay tuned for pics / vids when I get a chance.

Posted by Fish99 | Mar 17, 2011 @ 02:51 PM | 7,166 Views
Well, my wife was VERY kind to me and bought a new PZ Mosquito for me as an anniversary gift! (Can't beat that can you guys!) I have had it up 6 or 7 times now and LOVE this thing. It's very stable, though in higher winds you have to manage it a bit like a glider as it has a huge wing area.

The weather has been bad in that we still have tons of snow, so finding a place to fly has been challenging. I have been using an open field by a roadway in the sub-division as well as the parking lot of a movie theater when it is not in use. Here is a video of the first flight without wind where I truly got to test out the Mossie and see how it flew.

PZ Mosquito UM Test Flight (7 min 12 sec)

I have since been doing a LOT of low flying, touch and gos, chandelles, loops, rolls, etc., in the parking lot and this plane flies great. The twin engines sound unique and amazing. I am going to try to get a video of the plane at the theater flying lower and closer in so you can get a better feel for just how awesome it looks and flies.

NOTE See the comments for links to MORE videos! The next one is some close quarters flying in a parking lot, touch and goes, slow and lows, loops, rolls, even some inverted flying, all in 10 km/hr winds with some gusting going on!