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Posted by Fish99 | Jan 25, 2011 @ 03:08 PM | 9,406 Views
I have forgotten to update the old BLOG section, since Christmas, but I am VERY pleased with the new plane my wife bought me, the Eflite Beast UMX from Horizon Hobby! It's the latest Ultra Micro (Xtreme) form HH and is an absolute BLAST to fly. I have only put about 5 flights through it, on the stock 120 mah battery, as it's tough finding suitable landing spaces in the 4 foot snow banks we have right now. That said, it's an amazing bit of engineering to say the least. It will go straight up vertical, no problem, and on high rates rolls so fast you are into the second roll before you release the sticks if you are not ready for it!

Harriers are great, rock solid with the bi-plane wings! Inverted and knife edge or non-issues, very predictable. Easy to land, just keep a bit of power on right to the ground. If you want an even more fun way to do it, try a slow harrier at eye level, rudder turning circle right in front of you then slowly reduce thrust as you descend and plop it on the ground in about 1 foot right in front of you! It's amazing, it really is! It even makes me look good!

Pics and vid to follow.

Also soldering up my own 2 cell Hyperion Lipos for this baby, 180mah, based on the instructions from Joel (turboparker on RCGroups) which were very helpfull. Come in at 2 grams heavier than the stock pack but according to Joel they are giving it 16% more thrust (RPM's) and of course longer flying times. I can't wait to try the first one I made out.

Pics and vid to follow. (PICS, VIDEO and how I did it now detailed in the thread! Also a short Flight Vid in some serious wind no the street in front of my house!)

Man this is a fun plane, it's going to be GREAT in the summer. I find it even easier to fly and control in tight than the Su 26xp, and yet it has more outright power and speed, more capable acrobatics envelope, and believe me, it's even BETTER looking! (It's a real killer to look at!)

Very happy with it so far!