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Posted by Fish99 | Nov 22, 2010 @ 12:52 AM | 7,417 Views
Forgot to mention, before getting the Stinson I picked up a Blade mSR Fixed Pitch micro heli! What an easy to fly, stable little bird. I have a blast with it. I have replaced the landing gear, tail FIN and main rotors with the glow in the dark parts. Combined with the light in the canopy it looks awesome in low to no light in the garage.

Very eary to fly, very easy to hover, hands off even, and yet as a single fixed pitch heli it is WAY more maneuverable than my coax heli. Great second heli and step up towards more twitchy flying.

I found between this mSR and loads of SIM time I can now hover the Novus FP pretty darn well. It's still twitchy, and I damaged it almost beyond repair, but I have gotten some nice hovers in the garage, no problem.

Anyhow, love the mSR, but it's got me wanting a 3D heli ... SR or 400 here I come ...

2011 Feb 20 UPDATE

Well, I have FINALLY gotten around to taking SOME video of the mSR! This heli has been GREAT to fly, but I have a hard time convincing the boys to come and film for me. This weekend, problem solved, I built a home made HAT CAM out of an old ball cap, threaded bolt, 3 nuts, 3 washers and a nylon spacer! It seems to actually work pretty well, though I have to be carefull when filming my planes to make sure it is pointed UP high enough.

Here's the test video of the HAT CAM and the first flight video of the Eflite Blade mSR!


Eflite Blade mSR & Hat Cam Video (4 min 9 sec)