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Posted by IndianaRC | Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:49 AM | 1,637 Views
Under construction.
Posted by IndianaRC | Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:36 AM | 1,605 Views
Latest addition to my hangar.
Posted by IndianaRC | Jan 26, 2017 @ 04:33 AM | 2,507 Views
I'm not going to write much about this build because there are 2 threads about it already and I haven't maidened it yet.

Redbrick 70A esc with voltage stabilizer (capacitor) in the bec circuit.
Turnigy D2836/8 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor.
MAS 11X7.5 prop. Draws 40 amps with a 6 cell which is a little too much for this motor.
HK standard servos for ailerons, HK standard metal gear servos for rudder and elevator, old Vigor standard servos I had on hand for the flaps. The HK servos have a little more gear play than I would like.
Dubro 6" tires.
HK snow skis.
E-Flite Super Cub 25e landing gear.
Posted by IndianaRC | Dec 13, 2016 @ 08:21 AM | 2,234 Views
Finally, I have my Cessna 182 ready to maiden. I should have retired years ago! If I don't destroy it I plan to improve it both mechanically and in appearance.

The wheel pants are just positioned for the picture. I want to put them on but the goobers included two of the same side for the rear and the front mounts backward to the installation of the landing gear. I will be flying from grass most of the time anyway. For now, the battery hatch is the windshield attached with velcro.

I wish I could name the manufacturer but I lost the info. It's a well-made balsa and composite ARF and quite attractive, I think. The clevises were plastic and too weak for a plane of this size. I mentioned the wheel pants issues and they painted the nose and cowl kind of wonky. The wing braces are kind of cheesy. I also had to adapt it to electric but for $80 plus shipping, I wish I had bought two. (Ebay)

The spinner caused me a lot of grief because I couldn't find an adapter nut with right threads for the G60's collet adapter. Eventually, I went with an E-Collet Adapter from Tru-Turn that would accept a 5/16-24 adapter nut.

G60 motor; I've read some have magnets coming loose and the leads are made of stiff wire but so far I'm happy with it.
70A Redbrick esc; larger than other escs and the battery leads are a little short but it has worked well so far and has a 5A bec.
2 standard servos
2 slimwing digital servos; not sure if all digital servos are but these are disconcertingly noisy.
MAS 14X9 3-blade
6.6 pounds.
Draws 28A with a 6 cell, 3000mah, 20c, zippy. Plenty of power, I can't measure it but it feels like it could hover.

Now to get going on my 80" Cub with snow skis!
Posted by IndianaRC | Aug 28, 2013 @ 09:33 AM | 3,544 Views
I have a mode 2 9X TX, I set all the model "stick" parameters to mode 2 right after I had quite an exciting moment when I loaded the wrong model memory into the TX; throttle immediately went to 50%.
Posted by IndianaRC | Aug 15, 2013 @ 09:52 PM | 5,292 Views
I picked up a used Dynam HawkSky from a friend for $40 and finally I have a decent plane to fly. I wanted to experiment with flaperons and this programming worked. My 9X radio is stock with, I think, 2nd version software. I am using an 8 channel receiver and the throttle hold still functions, it just also turns the flaperons on and off too. I had to set DNRATEs for the flap functions to the opposite polarity for my application (-100 becomes 100 etc). And I have not done the ele mix 6 and 7 yet.

Here's Kyle's program:

Turnigy 9x - Flaperons using 3 position switch (8 min 0 sec)

Most of the information available online relates to flaps - not flaperons - using the 3 position switch. Flaperons can also be programmed using 2 way switches or pot switches, using the FLAPERON submenu, however, this requires adjustment of the servo linkages. I wanted to program true 3 position flaperons, and also provide up-elevator for added stability.

My 6Ch Receiver is setup as follows:

Ch1 - Aileron 1
Ch2 - Elevator
Ch3 - ESC (throttle)
Ch4 - Rudder
Ch5 - empty (GYR or gear channel on Tx)
Ch6 - Aileron 2 (FLP or flaps channel on Tx)

Assign Ch5 to the Throttle Hold switch in the AUX CH submenu. This allows the Throttle Hold switch to operate all of the logic associated with GYR or the gear channel (Ch 5). You can also place your beeper or plane locator on Ch 5 on your receiver.

Make sure the Flaperon submenu is not being used, and it is set to INH (inhibited) and not ACT (...Continue Reading
Posted by IndianaRC | Jul 20, 2010 @ 10:40 PM | 3,439 Views
I looked for an "Introduce yourself thread", I forgot about the blog. I'm really happy to have this site for a resource. It's been very beneficial for me. You guys have helped me out a lot. I'll try to return the favor if I have anything useful to contribute.

After 20 years out of RC I had to pick this plane to get back in;

Durafly Cessna 182 1.4meter 5Ch (with flaps) Plug-n-Fly

I always wanted a plane with flaps and I like scale models. This one has a scale look though it's foam. I thought it would be stable and easy to fly. It is faster than I thought it would be, the controls seem sluggish and it doesn't recover on its' own at all. All I've managed to do is a couple of laps around a 10 acre field before crashing, over and over and over again. It is one tough bird. I'm going to try more nose weight, maybe better servos and get the flaps working.

I also got one of those amazing little key chain cameras. I packed it full of mud on the first crash so no video yet. The test videos I shot were really impressive for such a small, inexpensive camera.

I also bought this Cessna 182 Skylane 63" RC Nitro Gas Plane Airplane ARF. I thought I would upgrade after I learned on the Durafly. That may be awhile. I want to get better quality components for it, electric power, and make my own floats. It is really a beautiful plane, I think I stole it...Continue Reading