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Posted by billnj2002 | Nov 04, 2010 @ 05:53 PM | 4,312 Views
Sold off or scrapped everything and starting over. My collection of Multi-rotor kopters is growing! 3 Quads, (4 if you count the DF that burned up) 1 Hexa to build, phase I parts collection done. I Quad to build, still collecting parts for that one. Selling off my Align T-Rex 250 and 450 collection..

Now I'm collecting UFO's (5s and 8s) and one B-117. I still haven't put the MK Hexa together. Think I'll work on one of the 330xs I started to build

Working on Walkera and Helimax stuff these days. Mostly 100 class heli's but I do have two Master CP projects as well..

I still have one or two Trex 450'd to finish, 1 1/2 250s, 2 Quads with a ton of extra quad parts.