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Posted by davylah | May 14, 2012 @ 03:35 PM | 5,523 Views
My wife says I have too many planes, so I thought I would collect them all in one place and write a little bit about them. So here goes, starting from oldest to newest.

Robbe Airliner

This one is in long term storage at the moment after many happy flights on the stock twin 400 motors with Gunther pushers. Originally using an 8.4v NiMh moved onto 3S LiPo. It flies nicely in stock setup, with rudder elevator and throttle. I've recently removed the engine pods and bought 2 Eflite Airliner engine pods, which look much more scale, and plan to go brushless edf in the future. Stand by!

Align T-Rex 450 Sport - Westland Lynx Scale Body
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Posted by davylah | Feb 12, 2012 @ 02:47 PM | 4,364 Views
Ok guys, a couple of people have requested that I do a few blog entries showing my planes, particularly the GWS ones, so here goes.

I'll start with my floatplane Beaver which I bought after being impressed by my first GWS Beaver. I had intended building this one as a floatplane from the start, so the first thing to decide (for me!) was what was the subject?
I did what I always do and typed the aircraft type into 'Jetphotos.net' and spent an hour or so trawling through the results. Eventually I came to this:

The more I read about the lady who owns and operates it, Michelle Masden, the more I liked the idea of modeling her plane.
Building was fairly straightforward GWS. Glue the motor mount stick in to give correct thrust angle and assemble fuselage halves. At this point I drew round the original foam tail surfaces in 3/32" balsa and cut out. On the tailplane, I extended the elevator forward at the tips as an aerodynamic balance, for scale looks, and fitted finlets. I hinged the rudder an elevator with floppy disc material, cut and cyano'd in.
Next job was to smother the whole fuselage in lightweight filler then rub back to give a nice clean smooth surface, and apply the first coat of white enamel on the upper fuselage, red on the bottom and tailplane.
The dummy radial engine then arrived through the post, all the way from http://www.darehobby.com/ so I painted that up to match the photos I had of the fullsize, and made the pushrods out of piano wire.
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