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Posted by milehighjc | Dec 31, 2011 @ 10:46 PM | 3,751 Views
The newest addition to the hangar: e-Flight UMX Beast 3D

This promises to be a ton of fun in a small package. This latest Beast includes technology called AS3X - a gyro based controller that promises to take the effects of moderate wind out of flying an ultra micro.

I picked it up from our local hobby store thanks to a nice AMA discount that was expiring at the end of the year. I was able to make the first flight this evening, as it was getting dark - so it was pretty tame. Im looking forward to flying it again in the morning when there is enough light to see what its doing.

Edit 1/20/2012

Life was not good to the Beast. After 14 flights, and 3 very HARD crashes, it was retired. I dont think it was ever right out of the box - the motor was noisy, and it shuddered/fluttered at WOT. The AS3X was not working all the time, and on flight 14, I lost all control - flying straight and level, it decided it would not turn. It went down in the street, broke the shaft, tore the wings again, broke loose the left aileron servo - it was going to be more expensive to fix than it was worth. Fortunately, my LHS manager agreed that something had been wrong, and replaced it. Im looking forward to Beast II having better luck. Updates as I learn more.

Edit 2/5/2012

Im beginning to think this plane was not meant to be with me. Replacment Beast went out for its maiden flight about a week ago, and 10 seconds into the flight, I treed it. Purely my fault, but...Continue Reading