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Posted by Rasterize | Feb 01, 2012 @ 03:22 PM | 5,102 Views
Fiddlersgreen Tissue on Foam
Most are aware of the wonderful card models at Fiddlersgreen.net and many have built full fuse, flying versions of the same. Fiddlersgreen (FG) aircraft have a certain look and feel that I find nostalgic and have build a few paper ones myself. I have always wanted to make one fly. I am aware that this is not a new idea. Many have done it already in various sizes and using the FG plans in various ways as well.
I wanted to examine enlarging FG to around a 24 to 29 wing span. Why that range? Since the wing span is usually the longest dimension of an aircraft, I choose 24 to 29 because I have become quite proficient in printing out on 13X30 size tissue paper.
The tissue could then be glued onto 2mm or 1mm foam, in my case Depron, depending on the part in question. The idea would be to cut out the plans and foam together and build a full fuse model similar to the way one would build a regular Fiddlersgreen paper model.
With that introduction, I have moved this to a build thread to allow more participation. It is now located here: