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Posted by Rasterize | Jul 27, 2011 @ 11:18 AM | 6,952 Views
These guys designs rock! If ya want to build a foamy SiFi, WW2 or WW1 plane, theses three got it down! SGTalon for SiFi, Dz1sfb for WW1&2 and Haiduks WW1 stuff are awesome! They design a bit differently from one another.
Search for his stuff on RCGroups but he has a website that sums it all up, www.sg-ideas.com
His style is simple but imaginative. What I would describe as a robust profile foamie because of his use of doublers and carbon fiber. He is very well known for his space series of RC craft including his popular Enterprise-D!
As far as I know, he developed the VLF style of building. VLF (vertical laminated fuselage) designs hide most of the electronics while only adding minimal design complexity. Plans are out there for free but his kits make it so easy! His inside-out VLF verges on a full fuse look and feel.
Duks creativity shows through in every design and he is always innovating and evolving new concepts and solutions. This man is an artist whose work shows I every aspect of his build. His SE5 design was my first WWI aircraft.
Got someone whose designs you think rock? Tell me!