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Posted by Rasterize | Jun 10, 2011 @ 10:30 AM | 7,433 Views
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My background and profession have been in the graphic design, digital prepress (making computer files print right) and digital production printing (Xerox iGen3 & 4) field. I have a great respect and love of history, especially WWI and WWII aviation. I’m also a bit of a SiFi fan. Designing printed tissue paper covering or “skins” for “foamie” electric RC aircraft allow me to bring those three worlds together.
I mostly start with the plan of a plane that I am positive (or at least fairly sure) will fly well, I then research different color schemes (WW2, WW1 and SiFi), pick a cool one or one that I like, then the fun (at least for me) begins!
I open the pdf plans in Adobe Illustrator, lock them in their own layer and create my skins right on top on them in other layers. When I'm done, I delete most of the plan cut lines leaving a few “alignment marks” as a guide for applying the skins on the foam later. I then set up the skin to be printed in a 13X30 sheet of tissue.
Next comes the most difficult part, printing the skins. Tissue paper is mounted on “carrier sheets” of 13X30 24lbs bond which allow it to go through my inkjet printer. The tissue is attached using 3M photo spray mount . I use a FFF squeegee to make sure no wrinkles are present and that the tissue is nice and flat. The tissue has to be mounted secure enough on the carrier sheet so that no wrinkles will form in the process (the leave white unprinted lines) but not so securely...Continue Reading