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Posted by Ben-M | Sep 08, 2010 @ 08:21 PM | 2,579 Views
I received a 2.4GHz Twister Skylift a couple of weeks ago as a birthday present from my mother (God bless her).

rcg review here (and here, for the older 72MHz version)

While it's hardly the helicopter I'd been daydreaming about, I've managed to have a little play with it, a little modding, and formed a few opinions.

The Good
- It looks cool. At least to my mother, who loves to see it fly (she should, that's $200 of her money floating around the garage)
- It's relatively simple for the beginner to assemble and set up.
- The kit comes with a USB flight simulator adapter that will work with most trainer plugs (including the one on the Tx in the box)
- After bolting on the blades and charging the battery it's RTF.
- The kit radio is mode changeable (see below).
- Complete set of spare blades included.
- Having wheels allows a novice to 'drive' it around at first to familiarise themselves with the controls.

The Bad
- The Radio is non-standard, so it will take some mods (see below) to switch to DSM2 or a radio of your choice.
- The helicopter is prone to tipping in the roll axis on landing.
- Flying outdoors it is extremely sensitive to wind
- With the stock radio it is quite difficult to trim, and the slider trims can easily get knocked out of trim between flights, making your entire next flight a retrimming exercise.
- Yaw trim seems to vary with battery power (I'm yet to play with the gyro gain to see if this can be remedied)
- The flight times are...Continue Reading