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Posted by Jyester | Aug 09, 2012 @ 06:37 PM | 4,829 Views
First let me say this it is about time some other manufacturer besides spectrum/ horizon put out some small go anywhere fly and time except in rain. I like the fact that I can buy a tx-r plane take out of the box bind it to my tx and fly. This is a karate chop in the fight to be number one.
After charging that battery which is small for it's mah size 250 25c 2s pack I place some Velcro inside fuse and on batt. Placed a dime in front of battery underneath canopy. This was for balancing purposes. Out of the box she's tail heavy! Found that out on the first flight attempt. Now with a gentle push forward and full throttle the plane moves out onces it's up to speed. I did add some expo to ails and elevator, and dual rates. She will roll fast or slow, loop if you pull back slowly on the stick! If not she will stall! If that does happen full down till the nose drops forward. For it's size it does have that wow effect! People like to see her in the air. I have had some quits on the motor in flight but it powers back up inside of a few seconds. The canopy fits nicely but has to be trimmed on the inside cockpit floor must be removed ( not the foam but the plastic black floor inside the canopy). To get the most out of your flight or extended the flight time cut throttle to below half, she will still have enough thrust to fly I get about 4-6 minutes depending on conditions outside. If your looking for something small fast and fun the the anylink system is for you. Plus they have atleast ten planes to choose from and more on the way. The misses I spoke of the stall, dime in the nose and canopy are all minor even the motor issue is not a problem. Think my next purchase will be the albatros bi-plane for the in-door season she looks like fun. If you have one of these planes or want one check them out it's worth it.