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Posted by Jyester | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:50 PM | 4,949 Views
This past week a group of guys from different states were shut out of our belove flying field due to zoning issues. This has been a flying site for over 15 years and have never had a complaint uptil now! I as a pilot enjoy flying I like being in control and I like seeing and talking with the other pilots. I feel as if I've been stripped of a rite to breath or something. The weather is fine blue sun filled skys and no flying. I think that land should be set aside for such activities. Not only is this hobby educational! But it's also a social hobby. Some people belong to local VFW's and Italian American club polish club. Gun clubs, fantasy leagues and so on and so on. The point I'm trying to make is how fast things can change! How quickly a smile can turn to a frown. I feel like it's winter time and I should be building a plane or tweaking it for some in-door fun. This no fly zone is also hurting a local hobbyshop. The owner of this shop is up in arms over this lock-out. Not only is it hurting the season but his business. He not only runs his shop but he also runs the field. He maintains the grass,trash and food being sold support issues. He is the all around guy. What can be done? Is this the beginning of the end? Has anyone out here had similar issues with being lock- out? I'd like to hear from readers on this issue! Thank you for reading these blogs.
Posted by Jyester | Jul 02, 2012 @ 07:18 PM | 4,570 Views
I recently finished a conversion/up-grade on a parkzone P-47 thunderbolt. All I changed was the motor, esc unit and re-inforced the main wing. The motor I chose was the Neo-25, and a thunderbird 54. With this set-up I should be able to take off and pull a straight vertical line with out any problems. Cruise at or below half throttle. I left the fiberglass spars in to help strengthen the wing. I used 3mmx5mmx20" this secondary spar added great strength to the wing. I measured about 11/4" back from the leading edge of wing and drew a line from the middle of the wing to the tip. I used a sharpie marker to draw the line. Then used a t square ruler to cut out a slot on the wing. After cuts were made I used a small flat head screw driver to remove foam from slot. I had some good cuts made because I had to almost force CF spars into place. Once I was satisfied I removed spars add glue and replaced them back into slots. These slots did go into center section of wing from both ends and used copious amounts of glue. Nothing more is needed other than making a motor mount stand off. This was easy I used 1/8 " ply traced the original motor mount base( the end that meets the fire wall. Then cut them out I used 7mm foam in between the ply which gave me the 1/2" stand off that was needed to clear the cowl nose. I did have to cut out a good piece of the cowl in order to get agood fit of the cowl without it rubbing against the motor. This is a worth while conversion for any pilot wanting more power for their war bird. Plus it's low cost 100$ even. Try it out you'll be impressed with the performance. Happy trails!!!