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Posted by Jyester | Mar 22, 2012 @ 08:00 PM | 3,490 Views
Should we as hobby men be concerned with the direction that our hobby is going in. I remember my first kit I built all laser cut tap and notched construction the plane went together with ease. Then I got into scratch building. I find it more rewarding then flying the plane it self. Am I the only one? Can't be! I do how ever realize that building a plane up from wood is a thing of the past. Guys we fly with calm us old school. The new school is fixed on buying and flying all in the same day. Are we going to let this hobby slip away? Are we going to follow the masses and forget about the golden age of RC. Building model planes is the most important aspect of the hobby. I wonder if the hobby has apexed! Has it reached the point of going no further or is it waiting for a rebirth of the old ways. People need to realize that the foam or wood plane they purchased was first scratchbuilt then copied over and over and over. Someone to the time to design, build, and fly the prototype before it was massed produced.
Don't get me wrong I like the models I see in the magazines and in my local hobby shop or online. I do how ever like to see scratchbuilt planes especially scale one. I think that everyone in this hobby should build a plane from a kit just so they can learn the in's and out's of model building. The reward for building is knowing ones plane, and being able to pass on tips and tricks they used to solve any building problems they faced in the construction process. I loom up to those guys you see at top gun or monster planes these guys take time in every aspect of building an award winning aircraft. No building is not easy scratchbuilding is even harder! Fear has a lot to do with it and also time and space. All these things are factored in when one is considering build or ready-built or ready to fly. If you read this and feel the same way add to it let's here your thoughts on the subject.
Posted by Jyester | Mar 09, 2012 @ 07:27 AM | 3,963 Views
This is a continuation of the previous blog. Got a hold of some used spectrum brick boards. Just for my own reasons I placed these parts on a scale. The main unit with two servos weighted in at 5 grams. The motor weighted in at 7grams with prop still attached. The aileron servo/w linkage 2grams. So 13 grams give or take. That's not bad when building to hit a target weight for a small indoor foamy. I've built two foam sbach one is epp the other is cellufoam. The cellufoam was the weight winner dry 13.4 grams, the epp 18 grams. So I'm going to do one brushless one cellufoam. Weight will vary greatly due to the need for the extra battery weight. As I mentioned in the previous discussion I'm using the es-18 three came in at 6.6 grams. That not bad! But stil a gram heavier then the spectrum brick. Cellufoam plane will be 33 grams with battery, I hope!! Epp hopefully 40 grams. The building and weight savings of the brick can't be beat! That's my personal opinion. Please feel free to comment on this discussion. Trying to get feedback I know their are others out there with good usable info.
Posted by Jyester | Mar 04, 2012 @ 03:12 PM | 3,828 Views
Why is spectrum such a successful company other than the price and quality of their product. I fly futuba and I like it! I like the feel of the transmitter and the linked in feeling when I fly. Had a bad spectrum radio dx6i killed two planes sent it back via hobby shop won a radio at a fly in futuba 6ex fasst system but I traded up for a 6j . The Rec. Are affordable vs. The Fasst. the 6J is s-FHSS with 15 model memory more than enough. I think spectrum has done so well because of the Bnf, PnP, Rtf. With all these umx's flying around it's hard to resist the spectrum fever. Even with my futuba radio I still long to buy a small anything plane and go fly! It's useful when you don't have the time, space, or skills to build or assemble a plane of good quality. Can anyone give me other reasons why spectrum rules the market? Why hasn't these other manufacturers put out viable systems to maintain an evenness in the hobby market. Plus why haven't these other guys lowered their prices to compete with spectrum, or even jumped in bed with a company producing indoor/ micro planes and heli's?