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Posted by Eastcoast78 | May 20, 2012 @ 12:03 AM | 13,634 Views
I put my Quadcopter in a few weeks ago. So had to build a new one.
This time wanted folding arms, the arm broke on the last one,resulting is atotalled frame.
Now with foldable/removable arms, in the event of a crash. Its as easy as replacing a arm vs the entire frame.

The frame is based on the Elcheapo Home Depot" basswood and ply frame.


I used a 6''x 12'' 1/8 Ply Cut in half for a 6''x 6'' Main frame.
The arms are 10mmx10mm 36'' stock. The come in a variety of sizes.
This time i decided to shorten up the arms by 1'' making them 13''. The arms are in the Quad's "Main body 3''. Which gives a 10'' arm.

Using 4 #6 1/1/2'' bolts, they well act as the pivot point for the arms to fold inward, to the back and to the front! I used 2 washers, locking washer plus a wing nut.
The wing nut well allow for easy tightening and loosing of the arms for transportation, storage, also it well give, if there is ever a mishap.

On my last ECHD quad, i glued the arms directly to the 6''x6''ply. It was pretty darn tuff, i used the new Gorilla Super Glue. Boy is that stuff strong. Sets in about 30 secs and is crazy strong, its light and drys clear.
I highly recommend it

So back to the build.

Cutting eight 2'' blocks, i glued 2 too each end of the arms. Giving enough area to mount the motors later.

The way i lined up the arms to be perfect(as good as i could get) was a bit tricky.
First i inset...Continue Reading
Posted by Eastcoast78 | May 06, 2012 @ 11:01 PM | 11,920 Views