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Posted by Eastcoast78 | Dec 26, 2011 @ 07:06 PM | 14,317 Views
Well after the 2nd and last crash with my HK Mini Quad frame, i was in no mood to reapair it, so i went with a scratch-build.
I went with Randells Elcheapo Home Depot" basswood and ply frame
I mean where can you get a quad frame for less then 10bucks? Hobby King you say!! I knew when i put that frame together it wasn't going to last!!

This one is soooo!!! much stronger! It took about 2-3 hrs to cut and build. I used 100% Gorilla Super Glue! Its the newest glue they have, and it has the viscosity of Med CA, sets in about 15-20 sec enough to let it cure. I then Clamped it moving on to the next. Its dried clear and has a Expoy look when dried.
Strong as ole hell too!!

Which i need for my Quad Skillz. I just have a hard time keeping orientation.
I'm going to use a loft over piece of stock and shim it between the 2 plates when tightening down the 550 Align Hili skid,(Thanks Brent!) its clamps it in there perfect!
I want to see if it having a tail like a Hili would help. I can Fly Hilis pretty good! Cause to me a QuadCopter is like flying a frisbe!!

I don't have any kind of Elec saw, so i cut the pieces buy hand with a hobby back saw!
AUW is just over 1000g with 2200mah

Link to Randalls Build thread!!!

DEC 27th

Heading out in a couple of hrs for the Maiden. Its a beauty of a day here 1C and sunny and no wind!! feels nice and spring like!!

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Posted by Eastcoast78 | Dec 10, 2011 @ 02:07 PM | 8,617 Views
I Jumped into building a Quad-copter. I've seen them around now for sometime and new i had to build one.

At the time HobbyKing did not have the ESC's i wanted, they were out of stock! Surprise Surprise!! I wanted the Plush esc's with the Programming card.

I waited and waited!! and could not any more.
RCTimer carrys there own (well) Re-Branded HobbyWIng Esc's which are the same as Plush.
The Programming card is compatible with Plush, HobbyWing and another one now that escapes my mind!

After getting it built, Prop savers seem to be ok, but well not work for the Tri Bladed Props.
Savers are ok, but Collets and hubs are better to keep the Props stationary!
After looking around i made a order from RCTimer.
Also noticed that they are now carrying colored Props, I got a set of Orange and green.

The most common way to wire up you 4 esc's to one Battery connector is what is called a Spider power harness
Here is a great video showing how to make one.
power spider (13 min 59 sec)

I had Planned to make one of these, but found a power distribution board on ebay for under 5 bucks Well make it a lot easier for someone who do not want the hassle of soldering a harness.
Me personally like soldering, so i wanted to get get on the fast track with this build, and waiting 3 weeks for this board was slowing it down.

I went ahead and made a spider harness for the hell of it. Later down the road i am planning on building a TriCopter so i can use the power board for...Continue Reading