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Posted by Eastcoast78 | Jul 12, 2011 @ 07:43 PM | 6,080 Views
Made a little Flick on some of the things you might want to do before flying the StrikerQ. Don't get me wrong!! This is one bad A$$ plane. But most of the time with any 200 dollar foam plane there are some mods/tweaks that may be necessary!!

I love it!!

StrykerQ overview and ESC programing (11 min 47 sec)

Posted by Eastcoast78 | Jul 08, 2011 @ 05:16 AM | 7,727 Views

Picked up the Stryker Q last week. Finally got a Maiden flight. All i have too say is WOW. She tracks like its on rails. With the the Ailerons Maxed out too 35mm the agility of this Bird is quite impressive!

You can have Speed brakes/Spoilers with your Rudders on the Q.
Heres what i came up with.

DX6i Rudder Airbrake Set Up
Stryker Q

Right rudder connected to the RUDD plug on RX
Left rudder to the AUX1 (or flap) plug.

RUDD to FLAP at +100 on both the UP and DN settings (with trim active) so that the left rudder moves the same direction as the right rudder (normal flight).

RUDD to FLAP but at -100 on both UP and DN settings so that the left rudder moves opposite to the right rudder and I get both rudders inboard for a left rudder and both rudders outboard for a right rudder (air-brakes). I have not flown this yet, just tested it on my bench. I have MIX1 and MIX2 hooked to different switches and only plan to use one at a time.

Final Setup.

AIle 0 75% +40%
Elev 0 75% +40%
Rudd 0 75% +20%

AIle 1 100% +60%
Elev 1 100% +60%
Rudd 1 100% +25%

Travel Adj

Ailerons are maxed at 125% each way.
Elev is maxed 125% each way.
Rudd is down too 80% each way.
Flap is down too 78%
that was too make the 5mm or so adjustment i needed too even out them. may vary!!

Flaps menu
Norm 0%
land 80%

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