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Posted by SubaruGabe | Jun 15, 2014 @ 10:40 AM | 8,739 Views
Building a MiMi 1m DLG (Link to discussion thread with plans in DLG section)

I've built 2 gliders in my life - a 2m slope that had 1 "flight" and a 1.5m dj aerotech chrysalis some years later that I was able to toss around and enjoy before smashing the fuse (which has been rebuilt as pod and boom but never finished). I've got limited workspace now so this little balsa built-up version is a good way to get back into the hobby. I'd like to try a solid wing now that I know where to find balsa and eventually glassed foam, I enjoy building.

I'm building it with a poly wing, all balsa with some carbon and same for the fuse. I have an arrow shaft for the boom.

I'm a couple nights in, estimating maybe 6 hours of work? I cut the plans apart in adobe acrobat at work and printed them on the printer there, the wing fits on 2 8.5x11, the tails fit on one, and the fuse fits on a legal size. I made a tiled full size but these templates have been enough to work of off using the small scale full plans with notes along side.

Gear is an interesting mix.... my stuff is old, I'm using a 3 channel AM futaba transmitter and receiver which luckily fits but is one of a kind I think these days so I might need to upgrade if I build more. I have 2 HS-55 servos which will do, and CR2 for power....Continue Reading