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Posted by foufly | May 08, 2012 @ 05:14 AM | 4,150 Views
A do-all! Infinite vertical on demand . Tight flying between the trees. Can take some wind .Has an excellent glide . A vertical climb on the first flight into a thermal, makes soaring simple.A good FPV candidate ,with twin motors.
With the recent models i have tried to stay with the simplicity of elevons and a wing form , extending the tips backwards to get the fins and elevons as far away and behind the aerodynamic centre as possible. This means very little reflex is necessary to counter the pitching force, the plane has enough longitudinal stability ,doesn't waggle, has lots of response and flies flat.
I am very happy with this system.
Posted by foufly | May 06, 2012 @ 05:03 AM | 4,047 Views
Three versions : the chuckie that started it, a soarer, and FPV version.
The most elegant flyer I have designed.
With recent models.
The Cleat is my best FPV plane,stable and predictable with a steady climb, totally controllable, cruises dead flat and thermals easily. Has low drag so does regular altitude flights , without thermals, of 35 to 40 mins; using a 3S 2200 power battery; It uses the cheapest motor and ESC on the market ( the EMAX CF2812) and two 9gm servos.. I have had it to 1800m's using thermals..

Full plan available with FPV details,( and list of best equipment for medium range flying). I will send it for $20 post included.