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Posted by foufly | Mar 03, 2011 @ 10:16 AM | 5,519 Views
Three months of ideal weather in northern Thailand (1,2) gave me the opportunity to test and develop a number of ideas in building, thermal soaring and gliding, power to weight ratios ,flying wings and hybrid designslink*. I learnt a lot by building and flying alone and with Thai friends(3), and from generous responses on rcgroups! Still mornings and evenings and plenty of thermals in the day make for rapid progress. After the wings I called Sylph(4) * I wanted to see if one could get over the compromises involved in wings. Of course one canít, but changing the compromises is always worth a model or two. One comes back more or less to the same place but sometimes with improvements and certainly with more understanding.
The Arc series* were the one result, and ended in some hybrid designs that are very enjoyable to fly. One has an astonishing glide.*(5) In still weather it floats on and on and turns with very little bank and no apparent loss of height! It does not parachute at all, which I have had with other gliders at very low speeds. There is a lot to learn from this one and I still donít have enough technical grounding. Also, there has not been much research on very low Re numbers. When better equipped I will post a video of this. This design also appears to contradict the rule that high aspect ratio is essential for gliding at low Re. More versions are necessary to fully establish this.
It is useful to make a version to disprove an idea. I built one ďArcĒ*(6)...Continue Reading