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Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 18, 2012 @ 12:06 PM | 5,104 Views
While the weather is not entirely ideal for flying right now, I have always wanted a backlight system for my DX6i. My friend has a similar issue with his DX7s.

We ordered some 9X Turnigy backlight kits from HK, and will be putting them in when they arrive. I'll post some pics and maybe a vid or two of the procedure for those interested. It looks very easy to do. Stay tuned! The mail should arrive around just after Christmas, maybe sooner!

Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 17, 2012 @ 10:19 AM | 4,311 Views
Well, it warmed up a bit this weekend, and I was able to fly my Super dec BL on skis, but the wind chill was near -5F!!!

Getting waaay to cold for this ol' flyer to enjoy the skies with those kind of conditions, so I am practicing my flying with RF 6.5 whilst I await the new batteries for the Yak 55 from HK. They MAY just even make it in time for Christmas...

Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 07, 2012 @ 08:31 PM | 4,516 Views
Just finished putting on my new polished aluminum 2" spinner!

all looks good!

Just some wiring tidy up and we're ready to maiden.

Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 07, 2012 @ 02:12 AM | 4,933 Views
Below are the pictures of the new Yak 55 sans spinner (stuck in the mail still!)

But all the hookups are done. Just have to clean up the wiring a bit, and figure out a few layouts for batteries, and fully attach the wings.

This plane has a LOT of throws on the control surfaces, so I set 50% for low rates (63% actually, 1/2 of the 125% I'm running the servos at on high rates).

This plane's color scheme and layout are truly superb, IMO. I really love the color scheme and format, and I am very proud of this model with the extras I put into her, such as the vanes, and CF gear. It really looks cool on there, and gives a very stable stance now to the plane. I'm SO glad that I did it...

Dry empty weight with no batteries is about 34.5oz (975g).

Comments welcomed. I am not sure exactly when I can maiden her, as it's very cold (-18C) and very snowy. Probably a few weeks before I may be able to take her up.

*I am also deciding on battery layout - this plane's CG sits right about where the main wing joiner tube fits, 85mm aft of the wing leading edge. However, I have NO way to fit standard 2200mAh batteries in her, as there's too much cross member and stuff to permit it. Further, even if I could, I'd probably need about an extra 30-50g minimum in the tail now to balance her out. Yes, the vanes and CF gear probably added about 2oz total, but the joiner tube is sort of in the way (but has to be there!). I'll figure it out, probably 2x 1300 30C 3S Lipos in parallel.

Sky Cadet
Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 06, 2012 @ 12:25 PM | 4,558 Views
I finished connecting and centering the servos/horns, and installed the motor mount into the fuselage.

Final test fit of the cowling prior to adding mount screws, and the plane looks VERY nice, if I do say so myself! Below are two shots of the plane minus wings (easier to finish electronics layout without them on the plane for now), showing the vane system and prop as it will appear when I am done.

A static motor test the other day on the RCTimer 3536-6 1250Kv, 500W motor running the MAS 11x7 3-blade prop had around 330W peak on WOT with a nominal (not fully charged) battery, running just under 37Ap. 50% ran around 130W at 11.6-11.7A. well within the capaibilities of this 3S system, and some room for tolerance on the power system (ESC is Turnigy 45A/55Ap unit, so I am safe).

The only odd thing was in order to get close to the 40 degree throws in the manual, I had to run all servos at 125% - they all work fine at that setting. No binding or warping seen so far during test throws. These HD-1810MGs from HobbyKing are very nice - plenty of torque to run this model's control surfaces!

Linkages are made with Sullivan clevices, and 2-56 threaded rods. Very secure, easy to adjust, and solid. The HD-1810MG servos have plenty of torque for this plane.

Pix below. Almost done!
Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 04, 2012 @ 02:46 PM | 4,280 Views
Just finished on Sunday my gear fitting onto the fuselage, and the ESC wiring. I'll be doing a static run on the power system before putting it into the plane, and a servo test before mounting the control horns on the plane. Then, it's pretty much ready to fly!

Too bad it's way to cold to maiden yet. This puppy may have to wait until new years.

The stock gear is too narrow and short to look scale, IMO, as said before - this turned out perfectly!

see pix below. The Yak 55 is really coming together now! I can't wait to finish her...

Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 02, 2012 @ 05:58 PM | 4,828 Views
I just finished mounting the motor inside the mount. VERY close tolerance, and not much room for error. The motor shaft is sqaure and centered.

I test fit a plate on the collet (not my spinner plate I'll be using, but a spare one to evaluate clearance and fit. Below are a couple of pictures showing the cowling, shaft, plate, prop, and vanes - PERFECT fit.

Also, I will have to shave ~1mm off my new CF mains struts to fit into the slot on the plane, otherwise, VERY nice fit. Pix of comparision sizes below, too.

Posted by SkyCadet | Dec 02, 2012 @ 04:22 AM | 4,120 Views
I recently picked up a version of RealFlight6.5...

I found a Yak55 electric that I moded and set color scheme to match the plane I am building. I estimated what the plane will do when flying, and even if my Yak does 80% of what this one can do, I'll be pretty pleased!

And sure enough, Friday, the motor and CF gear came in!!!

I have to trim some material off the inner mount plate to fit the 1250Kv RCTimer motor. But, it looks like it will fit! The CF gear struts are awesome! They'll fit just perfectly!

Below is a ~2 minute RF6.5 video of me trying my hand at some crazy aerobatics with the Yak55! Shot with my iPhone off the screen...

This particular airframe is 40% larger than the ZH Yak. FYI...

Enjoy, and stay tuned!


IMG 0339 (0 min 0 sec)