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Posted by SkyCadet | Jun 30, 2012 @ 02:01 AM | 3,999 Views
Well, I decided to update my shot of my current lineup of aircraft. My micro champ wing just shows up by my decathlon... I also have a Blade MCR tucked away inside where it does not show. I also have several Pilot- Champ 1/8 scale airframes tucked away, need to rebuild one soon!

Main planes in active lineup:

- Micro champ, not shown: some wheel mods only, flies great!!!

- Super Decathlon BL: RC Timer 1400Kv and 20A ESC running 2S 1200mAh, 8x6 3-blade MAS prop.

- Lancair ES: RC Timer 1120 Kv motor, 30A ESC, running 3S 2100 mAh, 9x7 3-blade prop (MAS).

- Pitts 12 15e: RC timer 900Kv motor, 60A ESC/dual BEC, 2800 mAh 4S batteries, 12x6 3-blade MAS.

All planes can take off and land in short grassy fields near my house. However, the Lancair, being a tricycle gear, does have some issues when the grass is taller, on landing.

My Pitts 12 recently had a change to the airframe - mostly cosmetic, nothing too big, but very nice add-on for looks: I got two white Dubro large control rod covers, and used them to adhere on the underside of my plane to direct airflow out the tail. I used to use slots cut in the covering, but this really added looks, and I have yet to try them out after adhering with epoxy.

They should provide a little more draw, despite being only 1/4" openings, with a venturi effect probably more pronounced than with flat slots under the plane. we'll see...

I've been flying a LOT lately, mostly the Super Dec, micro champ, and Pitts. What a great bit of fun!!!