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Posted by SkyCadet | May 23, 2011 @ 02:05 AM | 3,943 Views
Here is a quick look at what is in the hangar:

1) Lancair ES - built last summer, mods and construction details in earlier blog entries. 200W (225W Max) power system. 34oz.

2) Pilot-1 Champ 7AC - bought pre-built, but modded and retrofitted a bit. 200W (225W max) power system. 35oz.

3) Super Decathlon BL - built second one from scratch, mods and pix in blog. 80W power system (120W max). 17.5 oz.

4) Micro Champ(s) - mods using white glue, graphite epoxy, and wheels - added 3-blade 110x80mm prop. 1.5 Oz.

Favorites are #2 and #3, as both can be flown in my local park - love the Lancair for more performance, and the micros are a lot of fun - currently awaiting parts for going BL on these...

Posted by SkyCadet | May 22, 2011 @ 08:39 PM | 3,638 Views
As mentioned ealier, I recently acquired an RCTimer 1400Kv motor on eBay for $11 shipped. This motor is superb! It fit perfectly into the hardware from the stock motor, and yields about 33% more power, probably 40-50% more thrust.

I am able to do vertical figure 8s, VERY fast snap rolls, nearly axial, multiple loops, and much more. The plane is like a new unit with this motor system. I have included some pictures of my mounted motor in the cowling, and the reinforced under carriage I had to repair after a hard landing earlier this spring. I think that winter flying at near zero F may have been the culprit; a few bounced ski landings may have led to the carriage cracking inside and it just failed one afternoon during some windy flying.

The FMT Model 1000mAh 20C/25C peak 2S Lipos I run really power this model exceptionally well. Over 14 minutes easy flying, with about 12 min. more aggressively.

Anyone with this model should seriously consider the MAS 8x6x3-blade, the 1400Kv motor, and a EFlite 3.2mm collet system in lieu of the stock setup. The model flies as close to 4-channel as it can get now. Just a hoot... You won't be sorry!

Posted by SkyCadet | May 11, 2011 @ 12:48 PM | 3,933 Views
I have flown this model about 6x this year so far, and two flights ago, I had a port servo intermittent lockup/failure due to a bad connection, on takeoff .

The plane survived, but landed a bit hard, and snapped a strut. I decided to get a new set , the Eflite 4010 struts for their 15 Cub. These are better struts, and with a few minor mods, I had these installed and fitting in less than 1 hour. I also inadvertently stepped on my battery cover during a power up test after repairing the servo connection. That required some rebuilding, but it is functional and working fine.

I flew this plane twice now since the repairs, with no issues now on my port servo, and the struts are IMO superior to the stock ones. Not a perfect color match, but very close. I added a MAS 9x7x3-blade on the 450 Eflite motor/30A ESC I am running with this plane, based on my successful trials both static and in flight with my Lancair ES (see earlier entries for that info). Great ground clearance, and a lot of WOT thrust for getting up fast - a bit better than a 9x6 PowerFlow...

The plane is zippy, and flies very scale-like, with a slight sporty envelope! Very quiet, smooth and excellent speed control on approaches and landings.

Pictures below, showing the strut fitting and 3-blade on her...

Posted by SkyCadet | May 06, 2011 @ 12:23 PM | 4,204 Views
I recently acquired a new motor for my Super decathlon Brushless. Why bother? Because, this plane is potentially a very good sport 3-channel plane, due to the rudder authority of this design. It almost flies "4ch-like", and is an ideal plane to fly in smaller fields, it is a nice size, highly transportable, and easy to fly. I can fly this plane easy and relaxing for those days wanting to putz around, or I can do mini-airshows for the crowd of soccer players and parents using the other half of the field. It is quiet, efficent, and fun - period.

For those interested in this plane, get 'em fast - they're soon to be discontinued, at least for spare bodies at my LHC (I have three sets of wings, tails, bodies, etc. to make three more, so I'll be flying this plane a long time!)

With this in mind, I wanted a better motor to run this plane. It deserves a bit more performance. I have been using "nitro" props, the Master Airscrew [MAS] 8x6x3-blade FG-reinforced nylon propellers in my super decs since almost day one. Better thrust, and smoother running. No ESC overrating. I was told by both the LHS and Parkzone that I could NOT run this prop without overrating the power system. after static testing and trials (shown earlier in the blog) I have successfully flown over 300 sorties with this combination. The prop has over 250 itself alone.

However, I recently discovered a great option to the stock motor, and thought it might be worthy to try it out for...Continue Reading