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Posted by SkyCadet | Apr 26, 2011 @ 01:31 PM | 3,498 Views
Hey everyone!

I hope that all had a good late winter getting their hangars ready for flight this season!

I have all but one plane flying now: My two micro Champs, The pilot-1 7AC Champ (flown 4x this past Easter weekend with a new MAS 9x7x3 prop], and the venerable Super decathlon BL that I often fly the most.

I am finishing minor repairs to the Lancair ES I built and flew 3x late last year. Last landing of the season with that plane left it skidding on the tarmac, and I needed to repair the nosewheel strut and canopy attachments. I had some minor scuffing on the wing tips, but nothing really severe enough at this point to worry about. I just finished the wheel strut recoating, and I am installing it this week, and then finishing the mounting pin system [nylon screws into clevices] for the canopy, and she'll be airworthy again. New MAS 9x7x3 prop in the spinner, too.

The highlight of my weekend past was flying the Pilot-1 Champ. I had an absolute ball doing some loops, lazy-8s and even a tail slide. The new MAS 9x7x3 prop pulls this plane way better than with the Powerflow 9x6 I had on it. Flying this on a medium sized field is a hoot. It's great making landing approaches and then climbing out again! I finally have the trim and mix settings where I want them, and this now is a great plane to fly locally.

Note: When flying in my local school field, I take care on landing and final approaches to not fly too low over the proximal roadways south of my field. I do not wish to alarm any drivers when flying. I usually cut the circuit a bit short, and then use throttle management to avoid over shoots.

Happy spring flying! More to come...