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Posted by SkyCadet | Oct 26, 2010 @ 01:55 AM | 3,511 Views

Ah - what'ya do?

Well 1/2" fell of the wet/white stuff, and we're expecting up to Thursday [Oct 28] to be pretty cool. Saturday is supposed to be in the mid-50s [11-12C]. So, my Super decathlon BL will have to wait just awhile longer for the "ice skates" [skis, that is!]

But, I suspect within 2 weeks, I'll be needing them...

Posted by SkyCadet | Oct 22, 2010 @ 05:01 AM | 4,435 Views
Hey all!

Well, I have the Pilot-1 1/8 Scale 7AC Champ now ready to go. I had to replace the tail (rudder), as it got munched pretty badly during mailing.

Hobby-Lobby had a spare from a defective unit [tail section okay though], and I was able to slot above and below the old hinge lines to make the new ones. Plane is trimmed out and throws set.

I have a Powerflow 9x6 prop on the plane, and the prop pulls very well even at 50% throttle. It has a nice "scale" sound to it, so I suspect during flights it'll sound like the real deal...

I added an optional rudder/aileron mix of 20% as I understand the plane turns smoother with this in there. We'll see! Set 25% expo on the DX6i, using a AR500 RX. Love the built in differential aileron channel!

Pictures attached below...

Just need to verify CG and then ready to maiden!

Posted by SkyCadet | Oct 17, 2010 @ 02:38 PM | 3,204 Views

As much as I was sure this would work, the little stock motor just can't turn that prop fast enough [even after trimming to 4.5x3x3]. while I could get the latter size to fly, it was just barely holding its own at 75-80% WOT.

So, Champ#2 is parked in the hangar, and I'll try a BL outrunner with it later, saving the stock power system for Champ #1 as a spare.

Posted by SkyCadet | Oct 15, 2010 @ 09:01 PM | 3,288 Views
Well Champ #2 is complete and trimmed neutral. As on Champ #1, I used the third position on the horns to set the throws. More responsive and peppy, much needed when in wind...

Did some indoor taxi testing and the prop pulls great!

MAS 5x3x3 prop sat nicely in the EFLM1933 collet, and I decided to use CA rather than the setscrew to affix it. Went on very nicely! MAS 5x3x3 ran 4g with collet. Less than estimated, just as well!

Empty weight with small setscrews CA'd onto the bottom of the fuselage and color-matched ran 50g, or 1.76oz. That's about 1/3oz. more than stock.

see pix below. Just waiting to maiden. Windy outside. [30-40!]

BTW, the prop runs very smooth, and pulls better than stock, WOT showed no LVC during 1 minute WOT trials. Power down takes about 4s for prop to stop, due to momentum.

Posted by SkyCadet | Oct 15, 2010 @ 03:36 AM | 3,266 Views
Well, I finished my white glue and cowling trim mods to permit a EFLM1933
1.5mm collet to fit into the cowl. The MAS 5x3x3s are awaiting arrival via mail (eBay purchase, brand new, MAS just started making these).

This will add ~5g weight to the front, so I'll have to add a small 1g weight near the rear, and move the batteries 10mm or so rearward. Will verify the CG near nominal once the prop arrives. Nice thing, the collet will not allow the shaft to bend on nose overs, as it's only got ~0.5 mm clearance, so the cowling should stop any major issues. This should pull better. we'll see.

Meanwhile, just getting the Dubro 123 sport wheels on her, and the gear affixed using Graphite Epoxy and color matching paint.

Moved the tail controls to third from in, at the "T", just like my other one. My elevator horn was almost broken on doing this, so added some 6-minute epoxy to reinforce both horns to be safe...

Posted by SkyCadet | Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:52 AM | 3,195 Views
While waiting for some goodies for more RC fun [keycam, etc.], I decided to add some sport look to my Micro Champ. Nothing overly flashy, just a set of Dubro 123 sport wheels.

These add about 1g to the overall weight, but make it look pretty slick, and the narrow profile tires ride on short grass very well. They also permit better ground clearance than the stock wheels. I had to color match them using acyrlic model paints I had:

- International orange (IO)
- White (W)
- Cadmium Yellow (CY)
- Insignia Yellow (IY)

My mix was about 2:7:1:2 for IO:IY:W:CY to get a pretty close match, since no one seemingly makes a simple Cub or Champ yellow.

I used a coffee lid as the pallet, and added the paints in small drops [0.5mL or so], mixed and then painted with a small brush.

I really like the look of these wheels. The Champ flies great! Pics below...