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Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 29, 2010 @ 02:32 PM | 3,981 Views
The new 1/8 scale Champ should be in any day now!

Meanwhile, I found an HD Key Cam [1280x960@30fps] in the same size format that some have used for doing 720p flight videos. The Cam was $13CDN delivered from Hong Kong to Canada and I also got a Class 6 4GB TF/microSD card for CDN$10 delivered on EBay. These will probably take 10 days to get here, and in the meantime, we're thinking about how to mount this on various planes in the hangar...

My thoughts for best placement will be under the fuse, assuming enough ground clearance. I am hoping that I can also mount this on my radio TX [DX6i] to shoot some single person flight vids while I am flying. Not sure how that'll go, we'll see...

Clear Blue Skies, all...

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 17, 2010 @ 10:04 AM | 3,433 Views
Hey all,

I was able to make a great ARB [already built] purchase on a PM with a member here for a 1/8 scale Aeronca Champ in mint condition!

See small pics below. This has a 53" wingspan, already-installed power system [Park 450 and 30A Eflite ESC], 4x Hi55 servos - and I'll use my spare Ar500 radio to get it flying! Same system basically as in my Lancair ES, so the plane will fly nicely. I enjoy building, but could not pass up this great deal from a true veteran and gentleman of the hobby... It should be in just around the first of Oct 2010.

So that's five planes in the hangar: The Lancair ES, My Super decathlon BL, The new 7AC Champ, a micro Champ, and a micro J3 Cub! That should provide me with plenty to play with for the upcoming 1-2 years!

Smooth skies and good flying everyone!

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 16, 2010 @ 07:35 PM | 3,194 Views
Well, with the temps falling like a rock up here in Edmonton, and the leaves turning almost a whole month early, I think it not long before we get snow starting to lay about the ground.

As a head's up, I recently got some Dubro 830 park flyer skis. These are great, light weight skis that will do nicely on my Decathlon BL for some cooler weather flying when it comes!

I painted the tops a Canary yellow [the lemon yellow was NOT sticking well to the primer and made a mess], the all surface plastic type of acrylic enamel. After priming, the top coat dust was done first, then used an off-white eggshell for the bottoms, and a final top coat over the top side. Not a perfect color match, but really close, and the look is great!

For the Decathlon, I can just remove the wheels and put these on in lieu, will take about 5 minutes [have a spare set of gear which I used to mount these].

This should keep me flying this winter!

Pix below...

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 14, 2010 @ 04:13 AM | 5,238 Views
Hey all:

Between my Lancair ES flights on Sunday, I noticed that my Super Decathlon was having a time landing the Dec straight on, with the rear wheel add-on I did when constructing it, making it a free-turning one.

It tended to skew slightly right, nearly causing a tip over during one landing. Well, a simple fix and we're going again. Just used some graphite epoxy on the tail where the control horn just out opposite the control rod, and put this to the wheel - light weight, and voila! Steerable, and low profile.

I can run full throws easily with this setup. Pix below...

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 12, 2010 @ 04:10 PM | 3,575 Views
Hey all!

Well the maiden and 2nd flight of my Lancair ES with Park 450 and MAS 973 prop is complete.

Met up with Rubberboots, in West Edmonton at an unfinished industrial park setting for the maiden. Had to trim it out as it was rolling on TO, but once done, it was sweet! The motor and prop ran silky smooth, very quiet, like a turboprop, as expected...

Plenty of giddyup, and WOT gave unlimited climb [unable to show due to batts run out].

On the first landing, I chickened out during a slight breeze that came up, and handed the controls to Clayton. He did a great TD and we had an oops on one wing where some gravel scraped the leading edge of the right wing. Hey, I doubt if I coulda done better! Flight time was >15 min on the first run, even after a few taxi tests and adjustments, and I had 45% left in the lipos!

2nd flight was all mine! Did some loops, 3 snap rolls, a tail slide, and a practice stall at about 100 feet. We had my Lancair and Clay's T28 up doing chasing for awhile, lots of fun! 2nd landing was perfect - Came in at about 1/3 throttle, eye level past our cars, and TD about 20 ft past. Just gorgeous!

What a smooth plane this is to fly!

The plane flies best about 60-65% cruise throttle, and we estimate that in this mode, it's flying around 40-45mph. Full out, it's probably topping at 55-60mph or so. I did a fast flyby in a mild dive at WOT and man, she screams!

I hope to get a few more opps before end of season here. But, the hard stuff is over, the trim out is done, and landing rolls are straight and true.

Below is the vid we shot in segments, not bad, but bear in mind that the first half was during trim out. The 2nd flight was missed, but very enjoyable.

A special thanks to Clayton for his help and assistance with the cam!

LancairES Maiden (2 min 23 sec)

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 11, 2010 @ 12:36 PM | 3,462 Views
Finally finished tinting the canopy of the Lancair, she's "good to go", anytime the weather is decent.

I have a place picked out for the maiden, but lately weather has been highly variable and intemittent gusts have been the norm, with rainy/overcast conditions. Not the best for a maiden!

Stay tuned...

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 05, 2010 @ 06:29 PM | 3,165 Views

Finished this past Saturday [Sept. 4th, 2010] doing a final check on the servos: direction and throw amounts, plus CG testing.

Placed two purple matching 5mm x 10mm vinyl marks at the 50mm [2"] CG position behind the leading edges of the wings at the fuselage per spec in the manual. This allows me to verify the battery position before flying to ensure reliable and repeatable flight performance in the field.

Total weight fully loaded is 927g, or 32.8oz. This is exactly what Gee-Grose got on his stock Lancair setup built from his kit, so considering all the customizations, I am happy with that! Gives me a wing loading of 19.5, right under 20oz/sq.ft, and a theoretical stall speed of 17.7 mph, or 28.5 km/h. That's also close to 8 m/s!

As soon as I can find a perfectly calm day [prefer this when trimming a model on first flight], we'll be up!

Wish me luck!

Thanks for following the developments... Skycadet
Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 04, 2010 @ 05:09 AM | 3,514 Views
Took the finished Lancair ES to the LHS to show off - it was a big draw, apparently. Asef, the fellow who sold me the plane, was very impressed, and one of his co-workers, Mark, REALLY liked the TruTurn aluminum spinner and the MAS on the model. He figures these model companies should do this to these types of models, becuase it just finishes the look. Even $30-40 extra for a really nice prop and spinner [not plastic] makes a plane like this so much more impressive (and better performing being balanced).

We had papers flying off the counter 8 feet away when spun up on the motor! WOW. I am loving this Park 450 in the plane...

Set the servos and had to reverse my rudder Ch for correct turning, but the throws, and motions now are all correct.

Ready to fly!

Safe skies!

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 03, 2010 @ 03:58 AM | 3,467 Views
Wow does this pull or what?

LancairESTest1.AVI (3 min 56 sec)

Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 03, 2010 @ 03:38 AM | 3,353 Views
Well I am done!

I did two final mods to the plane: The canopy is secured via the magnets, plus I used two nylon 4-40 screws with unused gear pant clevices onto the inside of the fuselage where the canopy sits. These act as almost-invisible, low drag pins to hold the canopy flush and secure enough to avoid any ejections!

I added a balsa rod across where these go, to act as a support to the pins, and as a tie point for the servo wires and battery clip. The position still allows access to adjust any servo horns, and permits battery placement. I added a "battery guard" to the tray to avoid any issues with the battery sliding aft during hard manoevers, and this prevents any hitting of the servos and rods during battery placement and removal.

I also added two additional wing bolts forward of the AR pins to allow removal of a wing on the event of a mishap. However, these hold the wing very securely, and the wings will be left on in normal use/storage.

The gear has a just slightly nose up angle, and this plane should takeoff like a rocket with the 450 in there! The 450 with the MAS 973 prop REALLY pulls hard! Even at 75-85%, I can barely hold this plane confortably - she wants to fly! The TruTurn spinner really runs smooth with the 973 and the system sounds like a turboprop!

I may add a second cross member at the rear to tie off and clean things up a bit from the radio - will know this after finishing setting up wing servos and throws. Model tops out fully loaded at 900g! [31.8oz]

See attached pics for the finished look - I am pretty happy with the overall results, and this plane should be an attention-getter for sure!
Posted by SkyCadet | Sep 01, 2010 @ 03:19 AM | 3,370 Views
Well, see below!

The radio tray was extended to accomodate my LiPOs, so that I can use velcro to secure the battery, and adjust for C of G testing. I have 7g flat self-adhesive weights which may be used if needed to ensure proper CG positioning for pre-flight adjusting...

I used a 2mm steel rod for the nose gear, with a small extension to use the stock Z-rod. A little more strength given the nose gear configuration.

Tied off the motor leads along the inner front firewall slot where air flow will be, and made extensions to the leads for the ESC [mounted forward port near the front magnet where the canopy will sit, approx].

Front cowling was attached, pre-fit and see the tight tolerances for the TruTurn spinner collet and rear plate! I got Bob at TruTurn to flatten the front 1/4" of the collet shaft to permit VERY tight fit to the motor, using two crecent wrenches. during one of my static demos for my dad, the collet came off and I got hit with the prop at WOT. No injury, happened back in early July, but I did not wish my maiden to be frought with mishaps!

Attached the 9x7x3-blade MAS glass-reinforced nylon nitro-type prop. This plane already looks soooo cool without the wings! Can't wait to fly her!

See below... more to come, almost done!