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Posted by SkyCadet | Aug 30, 2010 @ 07:29 PM | 2,976 Views
Finished (WHEW! ) the tail section...

Everything went fairly well, but my Tail needed a trim to permit the elevator to rise to the 10-12mm mark, or I won't be flying well!

Something interesting: The Tail is out about 3 or so, skewed to the right (will act to yaw port a bit, my guess... ) - not sure if this is by design, but there was NOTHING I could do; the model is built this way, maybe a slight misalignment during mold prep.

Good new is that I have enough starboard rudder to avoid issues, even if I have to customize the settings when using my DX6i.

I opted for carbon fibre pushrods, vs the balsa in the stock model... See attached pics. I used 3/32" rod, 12" long, and made each rod with wires to length according to the specs. Used 1/8" heat shrink to hold the wires on (went 30mm in from each end to get lengths equiv to instructionals with the rods), then used GE to give a bit more strength to the assemblies. TOTALLY awesome for this model - the rods are smaller in profile than the balsa, and I am now glad that I did this! Highly recommended, folks!

My tail also was up about 1/8" (3mm) from perfect seating, where the tail sits flush with the slot in the fuselage body. So, I used some white glue to mold it to curve so it looks totally (or very close to) mated. I used GE on all assemblies, in lieu of just epoxy. Used some white acrylic touch up paint to hide any small irregularities, and the tail trim with the weldbond previously mentioned (it normally dries clear). I also had issues with the control horn back plates - not easy to seat with medium CA, so in lieu, used GE to mold smooth onto the surfaces.

See attched pics... now onto the radio tray, servos, and then almost done!

Posted by SkyCadet | Aug 28, 2010 @ 06:56 PM | 3,012 Views
Well, I did some thinking about what color scheme to use on the gear, and ended up with White, since the stock gear are white, and the purple undercarriage is too hard to match easily. See pics below: the mains and nose are perfectly centred, and I'll snug up the play in the gear after the paint finishes hardening...

Used a satin acrylic enamel spray paint to do the main struts, the nose strut, and the wheel clamps. The plane I think will look good with this, esp. on the ground!!

Now onto the rest of the plane!

Posted by SkyCadet | Aug 28, 2010 @ 01:54 AM | 2,920 Views
Well, the wings went together nicely with the Servos. Now, before I start setting up eveything else, I had to set up the gear to ensure it was set up sufficiently to handle my prop, and the correct nose-level [actually slightly nose up] angle.

Whew. More work than I thought with the Dural 19 mains. I used graphite epoxy to reinforce the underside of the fuselage, and then used some in the slot made for the wire gear. This mated nicely with the Dural 19 gear, using some rubber spacers to match the curve of the underside of the fuse. I know that the dark G-Epox looks like crap, but most of it will be hidden with the radio tray over top.

I used small o-rings and 3-32 socket screws for the mains, and then drilled a 7/32" hole in the epoxy where needed to allow the gear to mate. Lock nuts on the inside will be epoxied to allow the gear to be removed and re-attached later after painting. The o-rings were surplus spares I had lying around, barely 1mm thick, but perfect to allow the Dural main section to JUST clear the fuse...

Nose gear needed to be made fresh using stainless 3/32" stock. Dremel-cut the length after bending and ensuring flat, close-to-center alignment of nose wheel. I used spacer washers of nylon (see pics) to better mate the clevices to the nose of the fuse. I am using Dubro foamed 1.75" wheels for all three - they look nice, and the wider stance from what would have been stock will make landings a snap. Added a slight angle forward to the front nose gear. Clearance is over 6", so I can easily run a 9" prop with at least 1.75" to spare.

I also (no pic) added some graphit epoxy to the rear of the firewall esp. where the gear section is, as some of the original structure was cut away to make way for the new firewall/450 BL motor.

Stay tuned for more - most of the rest is just plug and play now...

Posted by SkyCadet | Aug 24, 2010 @ 01:46 AM | 4,145 Views
I finally got the chance to get going on this neat plane! A few weeks ago, my dad and I mounted the 450 BL outrunner to the firewall. See attached pictures. I decided to use the stock nose gear assembly, as it was easier and seemed sturdy enough for this model...

Note the tight tolerance and clearance for the motor! We kept the thrust angles from stock. Used 1:1:1 Graphite epoxy (GE) to adhere a mount made with 3/16" plywood to the firewall. Worked like a champ!