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Posted by SkyCadet | May 15, 2010 @ 03:08 AM | 3,114 Views
See below!

Using Watt's up meter in line to measure performance parameters.
Posted by SkyCadet | May 14, 2010 @ 10:20 PM | 5,464 Views
Recently got a PZ SuperDec BL from a local Vendor, mine is a PnP version, sans radio.

Installed a Spektrum AR500 5ch sport receiver, and so far after 4 flights, no problems with it. I hear that some of the Ar500s have been troublesome, but no issues with mine, even at a 1km range [Google Earth verified!].

The following Mods make the plane better than stock:

1) Straightening tail section and securing with Graphite Epoxy [GE, 1:1:1, using 6-minute variety]. Holds tail VERY securely, with only a tiny bit of flex (intended), and very little weight issue. (My tail section was ~10 off to the right/Starboard prior to this)

2) Cut off rear extension of tail below fuselage [which is in lieu of a wheel]. Made smooth, then drilled 2x 1mm holes to secure a Dubro 926 tail wheel. also secured with GE.

3) Used Cadmium Yellow Acrylic paint to match the yellow on the Dec BL. Covered the sections that had GE on them [were black/grey on curing]

4) Coated ALL lifting surfaces [exc. where needing flex for control] with 30% dilute white glue [weldbond] - 2 light coats with a foamed brush. Dries clear.

5) 50% White glue on wing tips, outside under sections and leading edges of all surfaces - only enough to smoothly cover cleanly. Dries clear.

6) 100% weldbond on upper and lower attachment clevices for struts to re-inforce where they meet the wing. Also added small amount to where gear sits in slots to prevent movement during rough landings.

7) See data below -...Continue Reading