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Posted by AdamChicago | May 30, 2012 @ 10:14 AM | 4,385 Views
As an avid aviation and video/photography enthusiast I combine the art and science of aerial remote control videography and photography to provide imagery from heights, locations and perspectives not easily acquired.

Equally skilled in the art of aerial imagery as in the science of building, maintaining and piloting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or Drones) with over 3 years of experience across fixed wing and multiple rotor VTOL aircraft.

Own and operate several fixed wing and VTOL UAVs and a ground station capable of local or remote location work. My aircraft are capable of reaching a range of several miles, an altitude of over 1000ft (above local surface) and speeds in excess of 60mph. Each aircraft includes live feed airborne video and telemetry download, self stabilization, autopilot and failsafe safety capabilities.

The latest Simple Brushless Gimbal technology is used which maintains a level horizon across 2 axis (roll/pitch) to an almost perfect degree. Platforms are currently capable of carrying lightweight videography equipment including HD GoPro and similar cameras but are customizable up to DSLR sized cameras.

Please feel free to send me a message to inquire with more details...note: not all work is posted on this site.