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Posted by RayMan7 | Feb 04, 2011 @ 12:36 AM | 5,357 Views
Hey guys, anyone here play electric guitars? I do! And this is the story of my Left for Junk guitar!
Today me and my brother went exploring and went to our old neighbors house (they moved out a while ago and left it behind with other junk) and guess what I find! And electric guitar! It was sitting on the landing on the stairs behind some boards - and the funny thing is my bro and I walked right passed it and I didnt notice it till I looked down the stairs from the top.
And man what I great moment that was! I was just in shock! I always dreamed of finding an old guitar (actually was thinking that 2 days ago!) but thought that could never happen, but it did!
So yeah I brought it home - it was as I say "left for junk" - cleaned it up a bit, took a look inside and right there on the pickup it says 1968! And guess what, all I had to do was put some WD40 on the switches, and it works! Both pups and everything!
Though it did suffer some water damage (sitting for atleast 10 years in a house with almost no roof, it did good!) along the edges, but that`s it! And I`ll probably refinish it there and put white binding on so you dont notice, which I think will also look good! Even the neck is good! From what I can tell, it`s an early Japanese model, something like a Teisco? If anyone has any input on it that would be great!

And there it is, my Left for Junk guitar, I like that!
Posted by RayMan7 | Feb 01, 2011 @ 05:26 PM | 5,879 Views
Here is my Losi Micro DT that I modded a Lightning Mcqueen body for it, looks pretty sweet with the offroad tires!

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