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Posted by IWCoburg | Jan 29, 2011 @ 07:59 AM | 2,790 Views
Well I have finaly got all thebits fitted and working. Just waiting for a break in the weather so I can get the trim sorted and prove all the bits before fitting the FPV kit.

Does look pritty thought .

Posted by IWCoburg | Jan 08, 2011 @ 08:49 AM | 3,228 Views
The Postman seems to have finally remembered where i live and the long awaited parts for the Q4 Y6 400 frame have started to turn up.

To start with I have use the KK controller form Korea as it has a slightly lower profile so (I hope) will make a cleaner looking installation. This is not going to be easy to accumplish as all the parts are exposed so neatness will be the primary aim.

The motors are RC Timer 2830-11 rated at 1000kv and will be running 8x4.5 props. I have chosen to use gold plated bullet connectors so it is easy to swap bits out and also to set all the rotations the correct way. I will also be adding some additiona heat shrink sleaving to protect the wires as a metal frame can have a few "issues" if your not carefull

I am not happy with the current prop adaptors and have some normal prop savers on order. Anyway so far so good.