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Posted by hladik2142 | Dec 21, 2017 @ 05:32 PM | 1,549 Views
I have been in this hobby since I was 12. Now I'm 48 & don't run the cars anymore, they just sit there. I have a some RC10 GT's, a Traxxas Rustler, an original RC10 buggy & two Duratraxx cars. I just don't use them anymore, don't have time. Most of these cars are "rollers". Some have engines or motors, but no radio or receiver. One car I do have is complete, even has a starter to start the car. Asking 150.00 for the rollers OBO & 200.00 for the complete RC10 GT. Here are some of the cars I an selling.
Posted by hladik2142 | Apr 08, 2015 @ 04:19 AM | 3,382 Views
This car has seen better days. Its been to Tenn, Minnesota, & different tracks in Illinois. She is 33 yrs old and was left to rot down in Tenn just because not many were into RC10's. Well I got her back & I'm in the process of making her look almost as good as new. I stayed with the original white suspension, but updated the front & rear shock towers with carbon fiber. Plus adding some alloy parts where I thought they would look good. The body is painted but I'm still not finished. I was laid off in March so the buggy's gonna have to wait. When I'm working again, I'll add the completed picture of the car....Continue Reading
Posted by hladik2142 | Dec 17, 2014 @ 05:20 AM | 3,445 Views
Never thought I would say it, but now I have a Slash, 4X4. Been running my RC/10 nitro & my Rustler (lipo) like crazy. Now it looks like those cars may take a back seat for awhile. Last Sunday I got a Slash 4x4 & a RC/10 buggy; yes the 30 yr old car. Still running strong, well its gonna be; its a roller. Right now all the Slash needs is a new body or cage, cleaned up charged & go.... The buggy needs a bit more. I'm gonna need front & back wheels & rims, a new body, clean it up, add the radio & go. I want to make it (look) like the RC/10 from the 1990's.
Posted by hladik2142 | Sep 02, 2013 @ 07:30 AM | 3,897 Views
Well I just recently deleted a post that said I was giving up R/C cars for planes, well that's not gonna happen. I find cars MORE FUN & planes intimidating. My father has been flying planes since (this is a guess) about 1972. He tried to get me to fly, but I just didn't take to it. When he got me my first R/C car at 12 yrs old, I was hooked. I have been racing cars since then. My first car was something called a Kyosho. Black in-cased body & 4 wheels, nothing fancy. To follow was "The Frog". I think every kid my age had one of these. Both of those were standard battery power. Then came the R/C-10, (I still have it). She may be over 20 yrs old but it can kick some ass....Then came the Traxxas Rustler, (brushles). Its not bad, but I still prefer (as my dad would put it) smoke & fire, NITRO !!! I have 2 Rustlers & 3 R/C-10's. The Rustlers just kind of sit there & the RC/-10's get used. Right now I'm looking to sell the Rustlers but only after I get myself a Stadium Truck. What can I say RC/cars are fun !!!
Posted by hladik2142 | Sep 28, 2011 @ 12:51 PM | 5,065 Views
Just got back from Wright Paterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio for the WW 1 "Dawn Patrol" fly-in. There were hundreds of different R/C WW 1 aircraft along with the real things. Some of the cars that were there this year look like they just rolled off the assembly line. I went two years ago with my father and it was the best 4 days I have ever had. I am already looking forward to 2013 for the next Dawn Patrol. This airshow is one that shouldn't be missed....Continue Reading
Posted by hladik2142 | Mar 22, 2011 @ 01:28 AM | 4,914 Views
For the longest time, my older son avoided R/C stuff like the plague. This past weekend my brother was in from Tenn and he brought his car. I think he's hooked. Me and Tim both have Rustlers (electric) only mine is brush-less and Tim's is stock. My brothers car is another animal all together. It started as a simple nitro car, OS 18. The thing ran great,till the carborator cracked.....Now its a nitro Rustler with a 3.3 motor in it. OMG !! All you have to do is barley touch the trigger and the car is gone, pulling a wheely all the way down. This was the car my older son drove, and he loved it. I thought he would never get into R/C, but it looks like hes on his way. If I'm right, he's gonna go nitro; no battery's for him.
Posted by hladik2142 | Jan 05, 2011 @ 08:00 AM | 4,849 Views
Well last November I got back from Tenn to do some racing. That "all clean" RC-10 GT finally got broken in, but in a good way. We were having trouble starting it, but once the motor got warm, it ran like a champ. The starter that came on the car was the problem, it kept leaking fuel. After it was replaced with a tiger drive, no more problems. The electric Rustler I brought has a brush-less motor but only six cells to power it. That is till X-mass. Li-po here I come. I tried my brothers li-po batt in my car. Boy can that thing move. I got the same kind of batt, sort of. Its a 5000 li-po batt, but its flat. It looks like four C sized batteries smashed together, but its the length of a six cell pack. Once all this crap weather disappears, my dad and i will breakout the cars. We do have two (very old) inside track racers that my dad wants to try and get running, but they have been in the attic for the past 20 years.
Posted by hladik2142 | Aug 16, 2010 @ 05:53 PM | 4,929 Views
OK to all you RCer's out there. Here's a car probably nobody knows. It was mine when I was 11 or 12 & I have no clue what its called. The only identifying marks on the car is on the motor. Yep that big silver thing in the back is the motor. the name on the casing is Kyosho. Back in the early 80's I thought this was a "top of the line car". But what did I know, I was 12. Just for fun, I'm considering putting in a ESC and a simple 6 cell battery just to see if I can get it going. I do know one thing about this car; "it floats". One year I drove it of a dock on accident up in Minnesota and it stayed afloat. Here are some pictures of this dinosaur. Who knows, I might get it up and running again, both of them. Yep I have two.
Posted by hladik2142 | Aug 14, 2010 @ 05:05 AM | 4,958 Views
Well I had fun with the Stampede, but it kept flipping over. Right now its in Calif. traded for a Rustler. The car needs a little work and some new parts but so far nothing important. Well now I have a RC10 GT, nitro and a Traxxas Rustler, electric but brush-less. Next time I'm down in Tenn. we will see what car goes faster. Like I mentioned before we only race on clay, grass, and every now and then concrete, but that's rare. I was in the process of redoing another Stampede, but I figured its a waist of time and money. All the parts I have can be installed on the Rustler. All I need now is a 7 cell battery instead of the six I have now and that thing will fly. I actually might have to put a wheelie bar on it from all the power it puts out
Posted by hladik2142 | Jun 18, 2010 @ 09:23 AM | 5,370 Views
Well my brother, my dad and I have been running nitro cars for some time now, tearing up his lawn in Tenn. Recently I have purchased two Traxxas electric cars. A Stampede and a Rustler. Next week my brother will be in town and we are going to try and find a place to race. I have my cars and Scott is bringing a Traxxas 4x4 Slash; electric of course. we are going to see who can out drive who, and in the process bash the hell out of each other. One car I have that I don't use anymore is a 19 year old RC10. One of the first cars ever built. I don't use it anymore so I thought I would give it to my nephews to race with. For a 19 year old car it can still move, but its just enough for my 8 year old nephew. All we have to do is find a place in Oak Lawn, Il. to go racing. Next week should bee interesting with my son, both my nephews, my brother and me trying to race the cars.
Posted by hladik2142 | Jun 05, 2010 @ 06:38 PM | 5,494 Views
Well I thought I would never say it but; I have a Traxxas. Two actually. Made a trade with a guy in PA, E10 touring car for a Stampede. Plus I just got back from another deal for a electric rustler for my son. 55.00 for the whole thing without a body. Been working on both trucks adding the Traxxas receiver and transmitter to the Stampede and taking all the components out of Tim's RC10 and putting them in the Rustler. Rustler just needs a little bit of steering work done but that's nothing serious. Looks like I might be trying to find a new home for a RC10 E.
Posted by hladik2142 | May 22, 2010 @ 03:33 PM | 6,683 Views
Well just got back from Tenn about a week ago and ran the hell out of my rc10. When we were done, all the cars were one color; s%^t brown. On my last two days there a friend of my brothers asked if I wanted a used rc10gt with all the blue hop up parts and extras. $30.00 bucks later I had a new car. Right now I'm in the process of rebuilding the blue one. Its the same as my old black car but with all the blue hop-up parts added to it. It just needs a good cleaning, radio, body and fuel. Here are a few pix of the car before and after. I'll send the finished pix later when I'm done.
Posted by hladik2142 | Apr 29, 2010 @ 01:19 AM | 3,671 Views
OK, before you think anything, my favorite car is the R/C 10GT nitro and the electric version. My 13 yr old is starting to come into rc cars and I told him he can have my old car. After getting the car back on its wheels and running, I regret ever giving it to him. The car is 20 years old and still has the original "everything". My son drove it for 2 minutes and broke 4 parts! It took 20 years for the car to break. Right now I'm looking for an electric, "something" for him to drive. A car that resembles the RC 10 buggy. I want to make my RC 10 vintage again, but still run it hard with him. If I break the part I wont get this weird feeling like, (I never broke that car, and you did it in 2 minutes). Can anyone out there relate to what I'm talking about? In the pix is a car just like mine. I just need a RC10 buggy body, and those are hard to come by.