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Posted by skrface420 | Mar 30, 2011 @ 02:23 AM | 2,805 Views
I was looking for a use for this little outrunner and esc I got from HK. I originally bought it for use as a tail motor conversion for my SR heli. That project wasn't looking too promising, so I needed a new use for the stuff. I thought it'd be nice to have a simple, small R-E-T EPP plane that could be flown slowly and be used to help a couple friends learn to fly. I had two HXT900 servos laying around and a bunch of 3mm and 9mm EPP, so I looked for the plans and found the perfect thing to start with.

I found these 3-view drawings for a Lazy Bee here:

I printed them out same size and cut out the fuse shape twice on 9mm EPP. The wing shape I cut once full size on 3mm EPP and the front half of the wing on another piece of 3mm at 50% chord for my KF step. I cut the rear tail surfaces out of 3mm. In between the two layers of 9mm I glued 1/4" strips of 3mm al along the edges. This made a total fuse thickness of 21mm. Lengthwise inside the fuse is a 3mm carbon strip glued to another 1/4" strip of 3mm EPP. i used a 3mm carbon rod in the flat portion of the wing for a spar. Hinges are low temp hot glue. The Lipo i use is a 2 cell, but I dont know the other specs on it because it came with one of my 3D Hawk kits and has no markings on it. I estimate it to be 400-500 Mah. The slot is sized perfectly so the battery fits quite snugly in there. Control horns are cut up hotel room card keys hot glued...Continue Reading
Posted by skrface420 | Mar 24, 2011 @ 12:45 AM | 2,413 Views
Well, I got my 35" reactor bipe over the winter and spent the time and got it lookin sweet. I thought the ARF went together well, I just had to spend an awful lot of time with a covering iron and heat gun smoothing wrinkles and re-sticking the Monocote. It was a small price to pay. Nice plane! I used the recommended Rimfire power system and S3114 servos.

I got this plane because I wanted an an aerobatic sport plane with an airfoil capable of nice clean sport maneuvers for a change as I've mostly been flying flat depron & EPP 3d foamies. While quite fun, and durable, they just don't seem to be as graceful at speed or groove as well as I want sometimes.

The plane sat in my hangar/workshop room for months waiting for the snow and heavy wind to go away for the maiden flight. Finally two days ago, it was a gorgeous day. Very little wind, and somewhat dry ground. I had some time and thought "today is the day!" I did a thorough pre-flight check and all was well.

I got her airborne and trimmed out. A few minutes to get the hang of it and experimenting with high rates and I was grinning from ear to ear. I really like the way it flew. It definitely seems a little difficult to do some hovering/high alpha stuff though it certainly is capable of it, I just need some more practice with it if I want to do that stuff. I noticed that you definitely need to make co-ordinated turns using rudder in order to get it to come around without dropping,...Continue Reading
Posted by skrface420 | Feb 07, 2011 @ 01:57 AM | 3,009 Views
I had a lot of 9mm EPP sitting in the build room and lots of time to kill due to poor weather. I have always wanted to design my own plane, so I figured a 3d foamy would be a good place to start because of the cheap construction. Plus it seems like just about anything will fly 3D with enough motor on it!

Ok, I use the term "design" loosely, because I traced the wing shape from my Reactor Bipe for the wing on this. I just laid the plane on the foam sheet upside down and traced the outline. I always liked that shape of wing, and began to draw something similar when the simpler way struck me. I changed the shape and size of the ailerons of course though.

The rest of the plane is completely original and any similarity to other airplanes is strictly coincidental. I am inspired by designs of Edge's and Extra's and other similar planes and was kinda shooting for something like that when I sat down to draw the fuse shape. I say draw because I actually taped together a bunch of sheets of printer paper, and simply started drawing. I just had a pencil, paper, ruler and calculator. I did spend some time estimating and calculating fuse length and stabilizer areas to wind up with sizes that would be proportional to the wing area.

I wanted this to have a little longer tail moment than your typical 3D plane, so I made the length just a tad longer than the wingspan on purpose.

Once it was all drawn up, I started cutting foam and wound up with a complete "...Continue Reading
Posted by skrface420 | Jan 22, 2011 @ 04:44 AM | 6,204 Views
Ok, So while bargain hunting at HobbyKing, I saw a VPP motor/prop set that I thought would be fun to experiment with. It was pretty cheap. I think like 17 bucks or something. I just happened to have an unfinished EPP plane sitting around, so I threw in an extra servo for pitch and mounted this motor up. I dialed in the pitch control, and was trying to figure out the throttle curve setup.

Before I powered it up for the first time, I made sure the motor spun the right direction, and weighed the prop blades to be sure it would be balanced. Everything seemed cool, so I put the blades on and started spinning her up. I held the plane flat to the table with my left hand and operated the throttle stick with my right, being sure to keep the prop well away from the edge of the table to avoid a strike.

When I gave it 2/3 throttle to get it into positive pitch, I heard a huge BANG! It looked like it was snowing from little bits of foam flying everywhere, and I jumped a little and shut the throttle down. I looked at the plane and the front end of the fuse was missing ant the motor was hanging. I unplugged the battery to see what just happened. I'm certain I didn't hit the table with the prop, so I'm not sure what caused it. Centrifugal force maybe? maybe some imbalance in the spindle shaft or something.... It seemed to spin true...

One blade was completely off the rig, so I looked for it. Straight below the plane, there was the blade in one peice. The disturbing...Continue Reading
Posted by skrface420 | Jan 22, 2011 @ 03:40 AM | 6,232 Views
Here are some of my RC trucks. I have an E-Revo Brushless Edition, 2wd Stampede VXL, 4x4 Slash with Castle brushless, Rustler VXL with wide mod on front using rear arms, and the rear is actually the same width as the front after some tweaking. My newest one is my 4x4 Stampede VXL which I haven't even gotten to run yet. I have lots of RPM parts on all of them including the new one. I had the 4x4 Stampede quite disassembled within two hours of purchasing it to put the aluminum slipper bearing adapter, and RPM arms on.

I use 7 cell NiMh batts in the 2wd Stampede because when I switch the ESC over to LVC mode, for some reason the LVC doesn't work right, and it still hauls A$$ and wheelies anyway, so screw it. On the rest I use Venom 5000mah 2s LiPo's. and they are all very fast. I am using stock gearing on all of them to avoid overheating problems and I couldn't be happier.

Can't wait to run that 4x4 Stampede though. If I had to get rid of all trucks and keep only one I'd probly keep my 2wd Stampede because of the durability, versatility and simplicity of it, though time will tell if I end up liking this 4x4 as well or more. I always thought it needed to be 4wd!

And yes, there are two front bumpers on the new one. The cut down RPM 4x4 slash bumper fits even without removing the stock one, so screw it, the more protection the better right?
Posted by skrface420 | Jan 05, 2011 @ 07:36 PM | 2,762 Views
Ok, just thought I'd make my first blog entry here. Not that I've got anything important enough going on that I need to blog everything, but I'm thinking that if I put in pics and details of my little projects regularly that it'll make it easier later to find that info and link to it, or refer back to it on other posts in the forums and maybe have access to it when I log in somewhere other than my home computer.... IDK, I'm new to this blog/forum junk.

I think starting a thread in here will prevent me from oupsetting anyone or clogging up the thread lists somewhere else, so first off, an experiment to see if I can move some of my pics that I posted in other threads into here so I can view and manage them when I'm not at my home computer.