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Posted by mikmerl | Mar 03, 2011 @ 03:22 PM | 8,209 Views
It flies well and is quite realistic in the air.
Vario Bell 47g II gasser Athens Greece (3 min 18 sec)

I purchased this helicopter a couple of months ago as an unfinished project. When I had the opportunity to inspect it closely I realized that a complete strip down and rebuild was in order.
The engine was “finished” as the piston and liner were badly scored it was also a very old version so I purchased a new RC230 and a new Vario muffler. I had to modify the bottom plate of the mechanics to accept the newer version of engine as well.
The mechanics too were well used and required attention (complete rebuild) fortunately the rest of the Bell 47 kit components were new and of course in good condition.
Since I had the machine down to bare bones I decided that I would prefer a different paint scheme to the one that had been previously applied and opted for a version that served with Heliswiss in the 50’s.
The Bell 47 lends (demands) itself to some detail in the cockpit as it is very visible through the gold fish bowl canopy so I shopped around for some suitable attire and helmets for the figures I had and constructed a floor, seats, pedals etc. It is not intended to be a competition but rather a stand off (way off) fun scale helicopter.

I would like to try the Vario scale head at some point but wonder how it handles.

Flying weight is around 9,35kg
Radio is JR DX9 2.4gHz w/Spektrum receiver,
3 servo CCPM (3 JR digital servos)
JR 8900g tail servo with...Continue Reading