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Posted by Mortimer | Mar 24, 2014 @ 05:29 PM | 5,369 Views
Done to charge on the field or to power a long time Mobius camera.
Made with Mini DC-DC Converter Step Down Module Adjustable Power Supply
and Type A Female USB 4 Pin Plug Socket Connector.
Size: 80x17x11mm, weight: 11g.

Posted by Mortimer | Dec 31, 2013 @ 11:44 AM | 8,240 Views
I'm glad to introduce Super Jello Killer.

DadHav has been my main source of inspiration:

Plates are hard wood, 50x50x10mm for version A and 60x50x10mm for versions B and C.
25mm long 3mm carbon fiber rods are glued in 3mm holes.
60mm long pieces of 5.5x2.5mm silicon fuel pipe are slipped on rods on versions A and B.
50 and 70mm long fuel pipes are also tested. Version C shown has 70mm fuel pipes.
Cameras attachments come from Mobius Helmet Mounts.

Version A: 75g - with Mobius: 125g
Versions B and C: 90g - with Mobius: 140g

It has been tested on a much used quad with worn bearings, one bent motor axle and no balanced prop, giving a lot of jello with rigid camera mount.
Super Jello Killer effect was clear, there was no more jello.

My previous device, made with rubber bands, was also working well but it was larger and lacking fast setting of camera's angle.

Hoping this could help users of less than perfect multicopters.

Posted by Mortimer | Dec 30, 2011 @ 05:50 PM | 6,087 Views

My motors and props tests:

- Three motors tested:
- Five motors tested:
- Park480 and five propellers:
- DT700 and 24 propellers:
- Park450, Park480 and 10 propellers:
- DT750 and 7 propellers:
- T-Motor MT2814-10 770KV and 10 propellers:
- Super Simple Test Bench for motors and props:
- 3-Blade or 2-Blade Props? 10 propellers tested:
- New GEMFAN E-Propeller VS GRAUPNER E-Prop - Comparative tests:
- New HQProp 8x3.8 test (2 8x3.8 props with 2 motors):
- HQProp 10x4.7 vs Graupner E-Prop 10x5 - Test with 2 motors:
- Test APC MR propellers:

APC Props Efficiency - Official Data:

Unusual Quad frame - Z600:
Super Jello Killer:
Test benches: