Lumenier RB2205C-12 2400KV SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motor
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Posted by V1VrV2 | Jul 24, 2015 @ 05:35 PM | 3,168 Views
After a couple of confused e-mails that RIT Dye is not taking to the CAB canopies I had to do some digging.

It turns out that RIT has reformulated the dye compound because of availability of ingredients in the dye. This was started in 2011. They slowly implemented the change to their formula over the last few years so that all their newer dyes will NOT dye the canopies made from CAB plastic.

The good news is that they are just now starting to make a new dye marketed under the RIT name as "Dye More". This is specifically made for plastics and synthetics. The bad news is that it is so new hardly anyone has it.

Here is the link:

Initial tests of this new dye indicate it needs to be heated for better penetration of the plastic. Curt White says the canopy needs to be immersed immediately so steam from the solution does not form on the canopy before immersion. Speculation suggests that the steam penetrates the plastic surface and keeps the dye from entering the plastic causing an uneven dye job.

Another company makes a product called "iDye Poly" that works. They make several colors and I found mine at Hobby Lobby and Jo Anne fabrics. It may be at other locations as well. I will post a picture at the bottom so you can see what the package looks like.
Posted by V1VrV2 | May 28, 2011 @ 09:31 AM | 9,589 Views
It's been awhile since I built anything like this and There are enough advancements with radio gear, materials, and control technology to make this project work. The goal will be to make a full scale Bald Eagle from composites utilizing the build experiences of myself and others to make this thing look as real as it can get. My only fear is that where I fly there are LOTS of real Bald Eagles (Skagit River, Washington) and what will they do when encountering this thing? The talons of a Bald Eagle are 6 inches from front to back. When they close, they are like a pitbull's jaws. Good luck dislodging them...Only one way to find out I guess...

Started on the drawings for the prototype. Gave Compufoil a good workout yesterday. Sure beats hand drawing all those airfoils!

Ordered some true scale Bald Eagle eyes from a taxidermy shop that are correct for the bird. Woodcarvers use them and its a good thing they did the research on the eyes. They are not yellow. They are off white and have a dark band around the outside. I figure the face has to be accurate. I don't want this thing coming out looking like a chinese parrot-like knockoff.

The last Bald Eagle I built was years ago when I was still in high school. It was about the same size as this one but had a rudder. Bob Hoey has since then blazed a trail for RC birds since then and also a Japanese gentleman has done a great deal of research on how real birds fly. This build is based on my work, and these folks work as well....Continue Reading