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Posted by RP-Stinger | Feb 14, 2013 @ 09:25 AM | 2,607 Views
Well I am finally flying all gassers now. No more glow for me.
The basement is filling up now, ready to get some flying done. Be updating pictures soon.
DLE 35cc Breitling MXS-R 75" ws
DLE 35cc Subaru
DLE 35cc Twin - Cessna 310 w/Retracts 126" ws
DLE 55cc Edge 540-T
DLE 55cc Sukhoi 30%
DLE 55cc T28 Trojan w/Retracts
DLE 61cc Sbach 30%
DLE 61cc P51 89"ws w/Retracts
DLE 111cc Extra 35%
DLE 111cc Yak 55M 35%
DLE 120cc Cap 580 33%
DLE 120cc The Beast Bi-Plane
DLE 170cc Sukhoi 40%
DLE 170cc Yak 54 42%

90mm Viper Jet - Yellow
90mm Viper Jet - Red
Funjet Ultra
Avanti "night flying"
Flybeam "night flying"
Micro P51
Micro Beast
Gee Bee Model-E "59 ws"
Posted by RP-Stinger | Nov 27, 2010 @ 05:19 PM | 1,919 Views
Amazing, where did the summer go.
Started flying in 4/10 and now it is 12/10.
I had a great time this summer, and learning to fly RC planes has been the best.
I have met many new friends and had some great and not so great days.
But even the carnage days were alright, (about a dozen who counts - I forget) but I was learning and having fun.
Hope the cold goes away fast, come on summer again, I have many 3D moves I want to learn, maybe I'll get a couple learned before the summer returns.
Thanks to all who have helped me out. Still need more help
I have come a long way, from flying my first trainer into the trees, to flying giants, who would have thought.
I have learned you still have to watch out for trees.
bla bla, etc. etc. See ya all soon ... Its a blog, ain't you supposed to write something now and then.
Later dudes .................................................. .................................