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Posted by rolrossi | Jul 05, 2010 @ 09:21 PM | 8,060 Views
Hi, I'm Robert and I started on middle of 2009 with a Storm heli 450 from Helipal. I began hovering and some easy acrobacy maneuvers and of course I broke my helicopter completely! So I started a full heli set up after a lot of study and headaches. But it was not enough for a sky maniac!
On march of 2010 I started a project called EZ*#1.
First of all, I also studied a lot about planes construction, parts and tips before I start. Fixed wings also requires some knowledges about aerodinamics. Those are extremelly necessary before the first take off.

I visited many especialized RC plane sites (at least one hundred), YouTube and related links for parts and "how to", I chose one that offered me all that I needed for my first project. Best quality equipment, a professional, safe and reliable dealer: Tim Stanfield (Mr. Pitt) from This guy also offers good support and technical assistance as always needed with no additional costs. It's very hard to start a serious project from "zero" without any tips!

Well, I turned EZ*'s fanatic like many others after I read almost everything on internet about this airplane and I'll try my first baby plane soon.

Orders are getting here slowly and the time is going fast...Because I live in Brazil it takes about 7-14 days to arrive the country but it takes about 90 days to be delivered at home!!

Not to loose my way I bought a "flybar free" micro heli version V100D01 (2nd heli) from...Continue Reading