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Posted by rolrossi | Oct 21, 2012 @ 03:35 PM | 3,764 Views
Last week I started building this incredible quad.
It comes ARTF but you need be carefull when configuring the radio. MUST do all checks before fly, especially +mode and Xmode, and also also CH2 reverse on TX.
They sent wire leads kind futaba and conector on RX were JR, so I had to change all then.
No problem,it was fast and easy.

My review includes good quality quad and good stability. The motors are noisy and a 3S 2200 is over after 15 minutes, so I do reccomend 3S 3300 to start!

Although these minor issues, this quad is stable, altitude holder works well, it's a strong quad and won't break on bad landings, it can carry a GoPro HD cam easily and Gimbal tilt sistem works very good and has a interesting anti-vibration dampers system that keep heavier cams steady.

When you fly X mode the commands are faster and you can fly 3D much better.

Good quad! worth by the price.
Posted by rolrossi | Sep 30, 2012 @ 06:18 PM | 7,840 Views
A small airplane in size but big on benefits and no less amazing!
I built in 3-4 days with all these changes that can be conferred on the photos below.
I was very impressed with the quality of finish and really liked the landing gear and flaps factory. Not lost hours and hours doing these at least two parties ...
The airplane is my smallest to FPV and decided by a camera of 420 lines without audio but took the nanomicrofone I had saved and installed.
I used a FatShark power lead connector with filter to balance lead from the battery and powered the camera and transmitter this way, so it was very practical.
Anyway, amazing finish, great for FPV flight and low cost! Easy 15 minutes with a 1800mAh 2S LiPo battery. Great ability to stol....Continue Reading
Posted by rolrossi | Sep 08, 2011 @ 08:22 PM | 7,033 Views
EPP FPV HK: 2x 4000mAh bat, 3536 1400Kv motor, Turnigy Plush 60A ESC, full Eagle Tree FPV system with Guardian stabilizer from ReadymadeRC, RSSI and second battery indicator for A/V TX, Hitec servos, RMRC 540 cam, Scherrer LRS 433 RX + 1,3GHz 1,5W A/V TX, 7W Scherrer booster, EagleEyes antenna tracking system, 2nd GoPro cam.
The box is here since august/2011.
Always finishing assembly!
New pictures with many mods comming soon like glued wings, fixed wings with plastic removable screws, new big vertical stabilizer + rudder (balsa), carbon fiber front landing gear, rear stearable Sullivan landing gear, night lights, strobes, etc...
Feel free for add comments, please....Continue Reading
Posted by rolrossi | Mar 13, 2011 @ 11:50 PM | 7,455 Views
A month ago started my new project: CESSNA with water floats.
What a incredible aircraft! Take off or landing on the lake seems to be not so easy but I'll try.
Because of the water surface, take off needs a powerfull motor or a long way to go faster or a better idea like huge flaps. Adding a cam on board, on my opinion, things get safer. That's a lot of job and a lot of $
I can't fail...and I won't!
Feel free for add comments, please....Continue Reading
Posted by rolrossi | Mar 13, 2011 @ 12:32 AM | 7,018 Views
I have a 2.4GHz 10CH Futaba radio and use EZ UHF 433MHz TX from Immersion for long range FPV plus a 2.4GHz video system with duo diversity from Immersion. Last week I just decided to migrate to a 1.3GHz video system...
First of all I know that the video signal lose could be faster when using 5.8GHz system for the same power as a 1.3GHz system, and this happens frequently due the wavelength.
Second, I need 10CH from my 2.4GHz Futaba receiver. I can't stand only 8CH from Immersion RX. This way no flaps and no lights to the evenings.
DEXPLEX started selling on Spain but seems to be not possible to be used on my radio and the second component (to the radio) is not ready to sell.
I could use the same video system for many planes, boats or helis not necessarily using the 433MHz TX from Immersion. Just my usual 2.4GHz TX radio.
Well I should have know this 1 year ago when I bought my first radio......Continue Reading
Posted by rolrossi | Jul 05, 2010 @ 09:21 PM | 8,132 Views
Hi, I'm Robert and I started on middle of 2009 with a Storm heli 450 from Helipal. I began hovering and some easy acrobacy maneuvers and of course I broke my helicopter completely! So I started a full heli set up after a lot of study and headaches. But it was not enough for a sky maniac!
On march of 2010 I started a project called EZ*#1.
First of all, I also studied a lot about planes construction, parts and tips before I start. Fixed wings also requires some knowledges about aerodinamics. Those are extremelly necessary before the first take off.

I visited many especialized RC plane sites (at least one hundred), YouTube and related links for parts and "how to", I chose one that offered me all that I needed for my first project. Best quality equipment, a professional, safe and reliable dealer: Tim Stanfield (Mr. Pitt) from This guy also offers good support and technical assistance as always needed with no additional costs. It's very hard to start a serious project from "zero" without any tips!

Well, I turned EZ*'s fanatic like many others after I read almost everything on internet about this airplane and I'll try my first baby plane soon.

Orders are getting here slowly and the time is going fast...Because I live in Brazil it takes about 7-14 days to arrive the country but it takes about 90 days to be delivered at home!!

Not to loose my way I bought a "flybar free" micro heli version V100D01 (2nd heli) from...Continue Reading