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Posted by Nigel M | Dec 17, 2012 @ 07:37 PM | 9,586 Views
Hi all

Well just when I thought my Christmas holiday would be quiet on the modelling
front I am now just about to start building one of the new 46% Piper Pawnee
from Bill Hemple Models. Unfortunately this big beauty is not mine but being
built for Brian Simpson at Perth-RC as a glider tug to promote Futaba Australia
and products from his shop Perth-RC Models and Hobbies. Brian has always
been a big supporter of gliding and aero-towing not only in our home state but
around the country so I was happy to take on the build to give back to a friend
who has helped and supported us so much. The big Pawnee will definitely help
especially with the growing numbers of larger gliders 6-8m plus appearing these

Ok here we go, first impressions... it's HUGE! Around 3.3m long with the rudder
on and a wing span of just over 5m. Quality of the kit so far looks good especially
for the price Hemple are selling these kits for. Unlike smaller kits the accessory
kit supplied is very minimal which isn't surprising for the price. I think it’s a good
choice as it does allow you to go with products of your choice rather than having
a kit that you end up not using and replace with better gear. We will be kitting the
Pawnee with a mixture of heavy duty DuBro and Hanger 9 products that I will list
as we go through the build.

Radio gear will be a full Futaba S-Bus system and 15-16 servos with 2 ignition
kills making it 17-18 channels depending if we need to have a separate tail wheel
servo. Power wise the plan is to go with a 3W 220cc 4 cylinder motor for pure
grunt and reliability. Like all smart model manufacturers these days, Hemple
have allowed provision for twin canister exhausts to be fitted inside the fuse so
that should keep her quiet and a bit more power which is always nice to have
when towing.

At this point I am waiting for the fuse and wings to be delivered from the shop to
my place but here are a couple a photos’ to wet the appetite.

Nigel M
Posted by Nigel M | Oct 06, 2011 @ 12:28 AM | 4,494 Views
Hi All

Here are some pictures from our recent 2nd annual Glider Rally at the KAMS club in Perth Western Australia. The event was started as an aerotowing event last year and is still the main focus at this years event, however it has grown to now include all forms of gliding including electric, F3b & F3j and even old school bungee launch models.


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Posted by Nigel M | Apr 17, 2010 @ 10:10 AM | 4,912 Views
Hi All
Here is a Gallery of new and some old photos of our little gliding group based at KAMS club in Perth, Western Australia.

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