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Posted by Damian Couzoff | Oct 28, 2012 @ 12:52 AM | 11,590 Views
Heres a pic of one of my boats,that l converted from 26cc gas to electric.UPDATED POSTING-27/12/2012-This boat has been changed several times to increase its performance,temperature issues were the problem,motor/esc and stuffing tube alll were to hot after running.I have installed a TP power 5850-820kv motor running on 11s,240 amp HV Swordfish ESC & added cap bank,watercooled the stuffing tube,and use a 48mm/3 blade prop.Top speed is edging close to 55 mph,which is good enough for sport running,as l dont race any of my boats.Recent testing results-motor shaft stuffing tube is cold after running,the watercooling has worked.This boat is now a reliable setup,and is fast,motor and esc temps are okay,as are lipo temps after running.Happy with the result,after many hours of work....