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Posted by Damian Couzoff | May 28, 2012 @ 08:27 AM | 10,886 Views
I am going to install a 570 KV tiger brushless motor,running off 5s or 6s,either can be used by moving lipo,in cockpit box to correct centre of gravity position.85 amp(100 amp peak) v2 bec esc,5 amp/6v bec. l have decided to fit a motor,and try that,and still fly it off the slope as well.It should climb at 60 degrees/100 watts per pound,at approx 5 metres/second.Constant current is 60 amps,max current 90 amp/15 seconds.Max power 1800 watts/15 seconds,max thrust-4.8 kg.The glider weighs 5.450kg-12 lbs.Motor runtime-30 seconds/150 metres altitude,approx 5-6 climbouts using either 5s/3200 mah lipo or 6s/3200 mah lipo.UPDATED-9TH JULY-Both 5s and 6s can be used as there is only 50 grams difference in battery weight,6s delivers 112 watts/pound@1250 watts,using 13x6.5 folder,and if l want to use 5s,l have to change the prop to a 13x8 folder,and only get 90 watts a pound,l will stick with 6s instead.UPDATED-2/2/2013-Finally got to maiden the Reichard model GROB G103C today at the slope.I launched it without any power,as there was adequate wind/lift.It flys really well,and the centre of gravity is spot on.I tested the motor at height,and it works well.Overall l am very happy with this glider,and at 5.450kg it still soars well,and it has a wide speed range.Heres a few pics l took before the flight-